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ANN: ANN: XFormation XForms IDE, incorporating formsPlayer

From: Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 09:34:04 -0000
To: <www-forms@w3c.org>
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Hello all,

I'm pleased to announce the availability of a powerful XForms IDE,
XFormation. formsPlayer is incorporated within the editor to provide
form previewing, event tracing, and run-time examination of both the
instance data and the model state.

Please find a copy of the announcement below.



Mark Birbeck
x-port.net Ltd.

--- START ---

Focus partners with x-port.net Ltd to launch XFormation, the World's
first XForms Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Focus Software Limited, a subsidiary of Focus Solutions Group, a
specialist provider of XML technology toolkits for the financial
services industry, today announces a partnership with x-port.net Ltd, a
leading specialist in the development and distribution of XForms
technologies, to launch XFormation - the world's first commercially
available XForms Integrated Development Environment for the creation of
web solutions.

XForms represents a standard dialect for the next generation of forms
technology that is set to replace HTML forms. The new standard has been
developed by the W3C, the worldwide community responsible for bringing
us the standards that support the World Wide Web. The W3C contains
representatives from IBM, Microsoft, Sun and many of the top worldwide
IT companies. The XForms specification overcomes current limitations of
HTML and reduces the complexity of developing interactive web pages. The
XForms standard is device independent and will allow complex
functionality to be deployed across the web and on other deployment

XFormation brings together Focus' experience in providing XML toolkits
and x-port.net's experience in the building of XForms processors. Focus
has over 40,000 users of its current XML data capture product suite,
goal:technology, that was designed to meet a standard dialect defined by
an independent body. x-port.net's XForms processor, formsPlayer, is one
of the two fully compliant XForms processors that enabled the W3C to
move the new standard to Proposed Recommendation on 1 August 2003 and
then to a Full Recommendation on 14 October 2003.

Mark Birbeck, CEO and CTO of x-port.net Ltd and an Invited Expert on two
W3C Working Groups - XForms and HTML - said: "XFormation will be key in
the adoption of the XForms standard and will provide the functionality
required to use XForms to build New Generation Internet Applications. We
have looked at various routes for providing an XForms editor to
complement our processor and were delighted to be able to partner with
Focus due to the richness of their tool."

Some of the key features of the product are: Schema Driven Menus
enabling quicker construction time, Schema generated XForms providing a
quick and simple way to start an XForms document, Resources management
helping to control the many resources used by an XForms document and,
through the close integration with formsPlayer, the ability to debug
your XForms.

John Streets, Focus Chief Executive, said: "An independent review of our
current XML toolkit, goal:technology, undertaken by the Butler Group,
has already proven development cost savings of 62%. We are excited by
this new product development and believe that through the adoption of
XForms, within XFormation even greater savings can be realised. The
experience and lessons we have learnt since we launched goal:technology
in 1999 has proved invaluable in this development and has been key to
making it the world's first commercial XForms offering, enabling us to
provide users time and cost savings in developing their solutions."

XFormation is available free to download for evaluation from

-- END --

For further information please contact: 

Jessica Lindridge
Marketing Manager
Focus Software Limited
Tel:  01926 468300
E-mail:  marketing@xformation.com	

About Focus Software:

Focus Software Limited is a software-based technology company and a
subsidiary of Focus Solutions Group, a specialist provider of XML
technology toolkits for the financial services industry. They have been
delivering XML development tools to enable front-end data capture to
comply with standard dialects since 1999. Focus has a blue chip customer
base and a community of over 40,000 users. The experience Focus has
gained through this development has provided a strong foundation for the
design and development of the XForms toolkit - XFormation.

About x-port.net Ltd:
x-port.net Ltd is a leading specialist in the development and
distribution of XForms-related technologies and has played a major role
in the testing, implementation and availability of the emerging
standard. This has culminated in x-port's development of its XForms
processor, formsPlayer, and formsPlayer for Internet Explorer 6, the
world's first 100 per cent W3C compliant XFormsprocessor for IE.
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