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RE: XForms Links, Links, Links - Free Books And Much More

From: Sikora, Gary <gjsikora@progeny.net>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 22:43:42 -0400
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To: "Gerald Bauer" <luxorxul@yahoo.ca>, <www-forms@w3.org>


I disagree with classifying FormsPlayer as a "Closed Project", why do we have to throw negative cogitation. Some efforts require revenue to develop a fully functional, quality product. Garage developed products for the most part have not shown life-cycles in which enterprises are willing to rely their success on - a System Engineering risk mitigation process outcome.  You can't even say that FormsPlayer is proprietary because it uses an open standard, XForms. If you want to be fair you can say "Licensed", it doesn't try to influence the audience. Some solutions are free and others are not ... both are good and have their place on this planet.

I think it also needs to be made clear within this forum what these various solutions provide, not just what percentage of the XForms specification, but where they are executed, client or server-side. In the past we have heard that solutions like Chiba and FormFaces are "server-side" solutions and Deng and FormsPlayer are "client-side" solutions ... this is not good enough for the "server-side" solution categorization. Chiba interprets the XForms document and processes the bindings server-side. This means server round-trips are required for validation, relevance, etc. ... drastically inhibiting the user's experience, much worst than JavaScript applications we experience today. On the other hand, FormFaces interprets the XForms document server-side and processes the bindings client-side providing a user experience close to that of an application. Chiba is free and FormFaces is available via license ... there is a reason.

Very respectfully,
Gary Sikora
FormFace project manager

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From: Gerald Bauer [mailto:luxorxul@yahoo.ca]
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2004 11:17
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Subject: XForms Links, Links, Links - Free Books And Much More


  I've updated the XForms link directory and you can
you find the latest version online @

  Thanks to Mark Birbeck and T. V. Raman for pointing
out new links such as

   * Using XForms to Build A Weather Web Services

   * XForms: XML Powered Web Forms by T. V. Raman

   * XForms At A Glance

   - Gerald

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