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RE: XForms plus XUL

From: Kevin Ross <kross@integra-online.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 09:04:05 -0600
To: <www-forms@w3.org>
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>>Well, XForms needs a host language and if I dare to
>>say XHTML doesn't cut it.

xsl:fo, xhtml, svg?  These aren't valid host languages to suit 99.9% of
the coming needs?  I'm by no means an expert on any of the technologies
involved, but I don't want other readers of this list to think that
xforms is confined to xhtml.

-Kevin Ross

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Subject: XForms plus XUL

Hi Ben,

> > As far as I can tell XForms is a dead technology.
> > You  might wonna check out some alternatives such
> as
> > up and coming XUL engines/browsers/runtimes.
> I beg to differ. :)
> xul / asp.net / et al - are declarative programming
> languages. Xforms is
> functional. 

   I agree there are lots of great ideas in XForms.
However, as I see it the W3C stewardship is killing
the "official" XForms by refusing to clean-up the spec
and by refusing to help foster innovation by
pretenting they already have all the answers.

   XUL if I dare to say is a much better fit for
XForms than say XHTML or SVG because XUL already has a
rich widgetset.

> Xforms are easier to develop. Just drop an
> <xforms:input/> and go. ASP
> and XUL aren't as portable or easy to develop for.

  ASP for sure is a dead-end. However, XUL is the up
and coming next-gen XML browser markup and it's going
to be portable and easy to develop for vastly
surpassing XForms in its reach.
> Plus, there are some very nice xforms
> implementations in the wings.

  Well, XForms needs a host language and if I dare to
say XHTML doesn't cut it. Why not use XUL for your
host language?

  - Gerald

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