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RE: Can XForms handle rich text?

From: Ben Nolan <ben@ripcord.co.nz>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 14:40:35 +1200
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I posted a reply to Robert saying that the browser based xforms
processors could probably use ie's contenteditable functionality to
implement a wysiwyg xhtml editor for a certain xml schema or appearance
values. This would be compatible across mozilla and ie5+.
As for the logic behind it - I think having xhtml-generation support
built into xforms is entirely valid. Xhtml is a good semantic
information-format, valid inside an xml document (either escaped or not)
- and can be used to specify a lot of information that would otherwise
require a propeitary mark-up scheme. (For example, lists, numbered
lists, emphasis, paragraphs of associated text, etc).
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In a message dated 29/08/2003 13:48:34 GMT Daylight Time,
Robert_Barker@vanguard.com writes:

We are working on a web based solution to capture documents in XML in
to display later in different formats.

The issues we are facing are:

1.  How to capture Rich Text like italics, bold, underline, bulleted
We are trying to use something other than Microsoft Client Software
Products (Word, Infopath).

2.  How to display the xml in a PDF or html format retaining the nice
format?  Here are thoughts are to use XSL-FO, but we are looking for a
to help us create the formatted output.

Can XFORMS capture the rich text (bullets, italics, etc.)?

Any other thoughts?  Thanks.

Bob Barker
The Vanguard Grou


Can you explain more about the purpose of the application that you hope
to create?

Specifically, I would be interested in why you want to capture
presentation detail in the XML that, presumably, you intend to transmit
to a server-side process. What relevance has the presentational
appearance in the form to the actual content of the data you hope to

Andrew Watt
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