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XForms - Is offline forms completion possible?

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 04:24:37 EDT
Message-ID: <1d6.86d438b.2bdf90c5@aol.com>
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Sorry, another question arising from my exploration of InfoPath. I guess it 
is fairly closely related to "suspend and resume" but it isn't necessarily 

Can XForms do this? ... Suppose you are visiting a number of client sites (or 
whatever) but are working offline. You have a form that you add data to at 
each site but have no connection back to base until after you have visited 
several sites.

Can XForms support that scenario?

If so, how? Or ideally, if XForms can support that, can someone provide an 
example to study.

In InfoPath there are two separate options - save and submit. It seems to me 
that InfoPath's "Save" supports the "suspend and resume" scenario as well as 
the "working offline" scenario (which is perhaps simply a special case of 
"suspend and resume", starting with a saved empty form).

At the moment I don't see XForms as having easily distinguished "Save" and 
"Submit" functionality. I appreciate that I can write an equivalent of "Save" 
fairly easily for an XForms form. But the reload is less obvious to me.

Or maybe I have missed something obvious. So, take pity on me and let me be 
less ignorant tomorrow than I am today. :)

Andrew Watt
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