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RE: [XForms] XForms and InfoPath

From: Shone Sadler <ssadler@qlinktech.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 09:04:17 -0400
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InfoPath does generate an XSD for the XML instance data based on data-types and limited constraints selected by the user in the design tool.

Furthermore, it does provide a wizard for building a new form from an existing schema or XML instance data file.   But, once you are in the design-tool the concept of a schema is lost from the form-designer.  There is no direct way (as far as I know to directly manipulate the XSD or XML instance data) from the design tool.  But if you need to switch out the XSD after designing the form I imagine you could simply switch out the XSD within the template/Zip file (I haven’t tried it myself).


Shone Sadler



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In a message dated 15/04/2003 02:43:19 GMT Daylight Time, nspils@pacbell.net writes:

I have been
unable to determine whether or not InfoPath will work with XSD [or will it
be Microsoft's own DTD] to validate the XML, or if any other of the
technologies that XSLT can interact with ...


There is a ‾50 page document on InfoPath downloadable from microsoft.com which states that InfoPath can be used to validate with "any customer-defined XML schema". I take that to indicate that W3C XML Schema is supported.

But I could be wrong. :)

Andrew Watt 

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