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Multiple pages per "form" - more clarity needed?

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 09:38:21 EDT
Message-ID: <38.2d6c9882.2aa4c3cd@aol.com>
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Chapter 4.3 of the XForms Requirements documents refers (among other things) 
to supporting multiple pages per form.

It isn't obvious to me exactly how this normative requirement should be 
interpreted. The vagueness about what is or is not an XForms "form" again 
arises here. Since I am presently unclear about what an XForms "form" 
actually is I am not sure how to interpret the Requirements document.

Are we, for example, referring to an XForms model which is duplicated on two 
separate-but-related XHTML pages? With each page having some of the XForms 
form controls? Does xforms:instance on page 1 only have the initialization 
data for the form controls on page 1? Or for both pages?

If the latter scenario, then how is a field that is displayed on page 2 that 
is required to be non-empty to be processed, assuming that data is submitted 
when the form controls on the first page are filled in?

Or is the type of layout solution I have used on http://www.XMML.com with SVG 
"mini pages" the kind of scenario which is envisaged? ... with, of course, 
XForms form controls where there are currently only SVG text-containing 

To what extent, if any, is an XForms processor responsible for bringing the 
parts of the instance data together?

Andrew Watt
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