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RE: Microsoft XDocs

From: David Cleary <davec@progress.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 12:49:35 -0400
To: Dan Dennedy <DDennedy@digitalbang.com>, www-forms@w3.org
Cc: DBCincinnati <DBCincinnati@digitalbang.com>
Message-id: <MGEMKOGBJBFEIAOEBCNIEENOCCAA.davec@progress.com>

> Rich formatting (Office XML) could be put into a CDATA sections and
> pictures can be encoded into base64binary nodes. Is there a way with XML
> Schema and XForms to indicate whether a string element can accept a
> CDATA section? Maybe an upload control with a mediatype of, for example,
> text/xhtml could work with a base64binary node. One client processor may
> be able to support in-place rich editing (along with import from file)
> while others could permit uploading externally authored content.

A CDATA section is just syntactic sugar as far as XML Schema is concerned.
Schema works at the infoset level, so the CDATA section has already been
processed out. I don't know if XForms has any issues with it, but it

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