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RE: XForms CR - A further departure from XPath 1.0?

From: JOHANSSON, Justin <Justin.JOHANSSON@baesystems.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:29:37 +1030
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Re Andrew Watt's comments as copied below.

If Andrew Watt has misunderstandings of the XForms spec due to lack of
clarity in the CR,

what hope have mere mortals got when we come to implementing from or

using the spec.

I think the WG should appreciate the effort that Andrew has put into
commenting on the CR 

even though his comments may seem pedantic.  Sebastian should get off his
high horse and 

realise he is a servant, albeit a voluntary one, of the public standards
community and not 

a high priest.

Thank you, Andrew, for daring to ask the questions that you have as these
have challenged 

my own understanding of the spec.

Justin Johansson 
Intranet Developer 




Andrew Watt <<

I know it is difficult for WG members to appreciate that readers of a CR
have only the words of the CR to base their comments on.

You guys know what you mean to say. We on the outside can only attempt to
arrive at your meaning by reading the words you guys write. If you don't
write clearly enough we get misunderstandings.

I have separately asked for clarification about what does or does not
constitute "instance data" and "instance data nodes". An equally clear
answer to that would let me make further progress in understanding what the
WG is attempting to communicate.
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