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Manipulating Interface Elements

From: <tvraman@almaden.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 08:39:06 -0700
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To: Jason Foster <jafoster@uwaterloo.ca>
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one solution might be to trigger a submit event when he first 
list is opened,
and target this submit event at a submitInfo element 
that has replace="instance" --
you could then get back your new/updated instance which would have
your updated selections in the second list.

If you're not able to convince the server to do the replace="instance"
described above,
you could  do the xml equivalent of the javascript solution --namely,
0) create a model/instance pair of each of the sets of choices for
your secondary list--

1) as the user navigates the first list, cause his selections to 
display the choices for the second list from one of the model/instance
combination created in (0)

Jason Foster writes:
 > I've been asked to implement an interface that uses multiple pulldown lists 
 > to navigate through a tree of information.  When an item from the "top 
 > level" pulldown is selected, the items in the "second level" pulldown 
 > change accordingly.  The tree will likely be 6 or 7 levels deep.  I know 
 > how I would do this in an HTML browser using JavaScript and the HTML DOM.  
 > What I'm trying to figure out is how to accomplish this using XForms.  Just 
 > to make like interesting, the pulldowns should be embedded in an SVG 
 > document so that the SVG document can be altered as the pulldown selections 
 > change.
 > My guess is that I would change the portions of the document that define 
 > the XForms interface using the standard DOM interfaces.  In other words, if 
 > I want to change the items in an xforms:selectOne, I would construct the 
 > appropriate <item> nodes the append them.
 > I'm a little shaky on section 8.11.3 which seems almost appropriate, except 
 > that I get the impression that the <itemset> needs to be present in the 
 > original markup.  In my situation there's a chance that I'll be using the 
 > DOM3 "load()" function to retrieve information dynamically, which won't let 
 > me specify the <itemset> in the original document.
 > Any suggestions as to the "proper" way to accomplish what I've been asked 
 > to do?
 > Thanks for your help.
 > Jason Foster

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