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[Announcement] XForms Implementation

From: HyunCheol Park <hcpark@comsquare.co.kr>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2002 14:16:48 +0900
To: <www-forms@w3.org>
Cc: "HyunCheol Park" <hcpark@comsquare.co.kr>
Message-ID: <KFEBJPHJCMNGFCACFEMBAEJBCBAA.hcpark@comsquare.co.kr>

Greetings XForms team,

The TrustForm Systemʂ Viewer is a client side implementation based on the XForms last working draft.

excluded spec. : 
1. privacy
2. valueChanging
3. recalculate algorithms : we just process recalculate based on document order bind expression.
4. bind related xpath : we only process full path in bind expression.
5. nested bind
6. isValid
7. maxOccurs
8. minOccurs
9. upload 
10. range
11. dispatch event
12. script

other included spec. :
1. CSS : subset...

extended spec. :
1. SubmitInfo action : "urn:comsquare" dialog communiction
2. bind type : cs:ZZZcZZ0d00, NNN-NNN, N40, AAA-AAA, A40, X20, yyyy:mm:dd, hh:mm:ss
3. message 
4. img
5. line
6. shape
7. local update : dialog document <-> parent document
8. MS SQL db connection : select, insert, update and delete
	submitinfo : dataSource attribute
	bind : dataField, dataSource attributes
select example :
namespace xmlns:cs="http://www.comsquare.co.kr/xforms"

<cs:sync id="ds_select" type="select">
     <ROOT xmlns:sql="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-sql">
   		select FirstName, LastName from Employees where EmployeeID=@EmployeeID For XML Auto, elements

restriction : All xforms document should be embeded in XHTML head and body tag.
system requiremenet : Windows 2000, IE5.x, 6.x, msxml4.0(inclusion in viewer installer)

Our test implememtation is a subset of XForms draft and *NOT* complete, full, and excellent implementation.
but we hope this exmple is helpful to the novice in XForms.

Homepage : http://trustform.comsquare.co.kr
Viewer installer download : http://trustform.comsquare.co.kr/download/TrustFormViwer_v1_0.EXE

Please consider reviewing this implementation and possibly adding it on the implementations list.


HyunCheol Park
Received on Monday, 3 June 2002 01:18:50 UTC

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