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RE: Naming: select1 vs. singleSelect

From: Micah Dubinko <MDubinko@cardiff.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 09:44:04 -0700
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Hi everybody,

I'm on vacation this week, so I'll try to stay light on the email. :-)

><select min="" max="" />

XForms already has something like this, though on the model, not UI.
Check out 6.1.7 and 6.1.8  (minOccurs and maxOccurs), named after the
concept in XML Schema.

>>> I prefer SelectMany because it is more descriptive. 

If you think about it, "selectMany" really should have been named
"selectZeroOrMore". It's the most general casee, so we gave it the most
general name.

"SelectOne" (or "SelectOneAndOnlyOne" if you will) is a specialization of
a very common case, easily mapped to radio buttons, etc.



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Subject: RE: Naming: select1 vs. singleSelect

It would make much more since to me to have something like this:

<select min="" max="" />

Where "min" and "max" are optional attribute specifying the number of
options that can/must be selected. By default "min" would default to
zero and "max" would default to "unlimited." 

This would give the default behavior the same, but allow you to granular
control over how many items can/should be selected.


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> On Monday 26 August 2002 10:57, Kurt George Gjerde wrote:
> > The new <select/> (instead of selectMany) is also confusing since
> > current uses of the HTML select element is for selecting a single
> I prefer SelectMany because it is more descriptive. Why give something
> name
> which is harder than necessary to understand and remember, even though
> difference may be small?
> > And, what's the reason for having two select elements in the first
> place?
> > Can't there just be an attribute that says how many items that can
> > selected?
> Perhaps because there is a logical difference, both from the user's
> the
> developer's point of view.
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