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Re: Xforms on WAP

From: Ray Cromwell <ray_cromwell@yahoo.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 22:47:04 -0700 (PDT)
Message-ID: <20011024054704.74072.qmail@web11805.mail.yahoo.com>
To: Adarsh G <adarsh@cmcltd.com>, www-forms@w3c.org

  It's possible to do it on WAP. You can transform the
basic form into WML using something like XSL. Doing
the processing is a different matter. You can do it
via two mechanisms, either server-side roundtrip or
with WMLScript. With server-side roundtrip, the result
isn't very compliant, with respect to <action>
handling and the processing model, but it works
mostly.  I have produced working prototypes that run
under the OpenWave and Nokia simulators using
WMLScript. They perform all model-item calculation
with JavaScript, and then double check them on the
server after submit. The major problem with XForms is
deck-size limitation and layout. With small X-Forms,
you can usually fit the javascript code, but if you go
crazy with bindings and model items, you run into
trouble. The other problem is layout. In the previous
draft, we had the beginnings of a mechanism to do
component layout without relying on XHTML Table. Now,
without any layout mechanics, you have to resort to
HTML tables and converting those to WML isn't pretty.

--- Adarsh G <adarsh@cmcltd.com> wrote:
> Hi
>     So i hope Xforms is go to be a recommendation
> soon.As it has been stated
> that Xforms are device independent forms ,I would
> like to know how i can
> implement same XFORM  on internet explorer ,
> netscape and on a WAP device.
> I think for IE & netscape i have to Mozquito .is
> there any other option to
> run them.what should i do to run it on a WAP device.
> Thanks
> Adarsh.

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