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How will XForms and XSL-FO work together? Will they all work with SVG?

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 10:46:18 EST
Message-ID: <11.e7e8741.2795c6ca@aol.com>
To: www-forms@w3.org, XForms@egroups.com, XSL-FO@egroups.com
CC: SVG-Developers@egroups.com
As some recipients will know I am interested both in how SVG will work with 
XSL-FO and how SVG will work with XForms.

What is causing me severe brain ache today is trying to get my mind round how 
XForms and XSL-FO might work together.

Have any recipients of this email given any thought to that? Got any 
prototype working code?

Perhaps I am suffering from incipient "Old Timer's Disease" ... :) ... but I 
am having trouble seeing how it will all work. And what it will DO or be used 
for. So if anyone is further on in that thinking I would appreciate insights 
which will lead me to the "Ah NOW I see" stage.

I can see that, in principle, it is "just" a multi-namespace XML document. 
But feel there is potential there, in terms of usage, that I am not seeing 
yet. It feels as if something exciting is there but is just out of reach at 
the moment. I hope that makes some sense and doesn't sound like, totally, 
like the ramblings of a blithering idiot.

Responses on or off list would be welcome.

Andrew Watt
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