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SVG and XForms - a marriage made in heaven?

From: <AndrewWatt2001@aol.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 10:38:41 EST
Message-ID: <4c.f74cdc2.2795c501@aol.com>
To: svg-developers@egroups.com, xforms@egroups.com, www-forms@w3.org
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This post is largely by way of possibly bringing separate groups of 
developers together.

SVG developers may, in the main, not yet be up to speed on the potential 
implications of the XForms proposal at W3C. SVG developers who are interested 
in this will find information at

The current XForms Working Draft, explicitly recognises that XForms will be 
embedded within SVG documents (among other XML document types). XForms could 
provide powerful and useful interactivity in SVG-based documents or web sites.

XForms developers may be interested to know that there is a working prototype 
SVG-only web site accessible at

There are specific technical issues about accessing SVG-only web sites at 
present. Instructions are given at the end of the email.

XForms developers / software companies who are looking for a test bed to test 
XForms prototypes in a working SVG web site such as www.svgspider.com may 
contact me at the email address from which this email was sent.

I hope that those interested in creatively combining these cutting edge 
technologies can interact and move forward to realise the synergy which, 
together, XForms and SVG can provide.

Andrew Watt
To access www.SVGSpider.com/default.svg
you will need the Adobe SVG Viewer version 1. The site is designed at present 
to work primarily with that version.

It may be downloaded at www.adobe.com/svg/

At present version 2 of the Adobe Viewer is in beta. Once Version 2 is 
released I will update the SVGSpider.com web site to accomodate the 
differences in handling of XLinks between SVG Viewer versions 1 and 2.

Internet Explorer 5.5 works well with the site. A few problems arise with 
Netscape. If using Netscape 6 the Adobe Viewer does not automatically plugin.

It is NOT possible to access the site using the URL www.svgspider.com

The XLink implementation in SVG Viewer Version 1 causes an error in IE5.5
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