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RE: "The special people" - was: www 10 conference (off-topic)

From: T. V. Raman <tvraman@almaden.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2001 18:47:43 -0700
Message-ID: <15059.47039.149276.85899@bubbles.almaden.ibm.com>
To: "Michael Earls" <michael@cerkit.com>
Cc: "'Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer'" <schnitz@mozquito.com>, "Www-Forms \(E-mail\)" <www-forms@w3.org>
no offence was clearly intended --and none taken.

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Earls <michael@cerkit.com> writes:

    Michael> My sincere apologies to the group at large and
    Michael> to the hard-working volunteers of this working
    Michael> group.  My comment about 10 years was an
    Michael> attempt at humor...  a failed one.  As I have
    Michael> said earlier, the efforts of this working group
    Michael> are an inspiration to me.  I read everything
    Michael> published by each of you concerning XForms.  I
    Michael> look to this working group as a bright light
    Michael> that is a guide to our collective future.

    Michael> This "joke" was referring to the ancient ways
    Michael> of some big (and small) businesses that choose
    Michael> to wait until a technology has been around for
    Michael> 5 to 10 years before using it. It was not
    Michael> intended to be the blanket statement that it
    Michael> appeared to be.

    Michael> I am anxious to implement XForms in my systems
    Michael> to replace the outdated HTML forms as soon as
    Michael> possible.  I launched a research project at the
    Michael> shop today to gather information concerning any
    Michael> Java Applet XForms UAs that might be out there.

    Michael> We have a server-side Web forms processor based
    Michael> on the current XForms working draft in
    Michael> production now and it has proven to be very
    Michael> valuable.

    Michael> I am definitely secure in the belief that you
    Michael> are all contributing in a positive fashion to
    Michael> our industry.

    Michael> Once again, I apologize for the sharp tongue.
    Michael> Thank you again for your hard work and
    Michael> exceptional efforts.

    Michael> Respectfully yours,

    Michael> Michael Earls

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    Michael> Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer Sent: Tuesday, April
    Michael> 10, 2001 2:07 PM To: Michael Earls Cc:
    Michael> www-forms@w3.org Subject: RE: "The special
    Michael> people" - was: www 10 conference (off-topic)

    Michael> 	<snip>...</snip> Let's finish up XForms and
    Michael> watch as it takes 10 years to get rid of all of
    Michael> the User Agents we have today in exchange for
    Michael> the "new" XForms UA.  <snip>...</snip>

    Michael> 	I'm taking my hat as XForms co-chair off,
    Michael> because based on this one sentence I must tell
    Michael> *you* to relax here. I have nothing about the
    Michael> rest of the email, but such a statement let's
    Michael> me and the other people think what we are doing
    Michael> here is completely worthless. I think such a
    Michael> statement is completely counterproductive, it
    Michael> is thinking of the type that everything is at
    Michael> it is and you cannot change things so you
    Michael> shouldn't even try to do so. I'm not sure out
    Michael> of which camp you're coming from, but if more
    Michael> people would think like you, XML and even the
    Michael> Web itself would have never taken off in the
    Michael> first place.

    Michael> 	Let me tell you that there will be a myriad
    Michael> ways for XForms to penetrate the market. The
    Michael> old Netscape/Microsoft desktop browser web
    Michael> world is long gone, we have a bunch of new
    Michael> devices, markets and players, all to which
    Michael> XForms is targetted towards. XForms is *not*
    Michael> something purely intended for Netscape and
    Michael> Microsoft to adopt, but the next generation of
    Michael> web forms for *all* XML-based applications, the
    Michael> basis of all interactivity and business on the
    Michael> web, and the first major improvement to web
    Michael> forms since 1993! This thing will take off big
    Michael> time, it has already.

    Michael> 	- Sebastian

    Michael> 	There's a lot of work to be done to spend so
    Michael> much time arguing over elitist attitudes about
    Michael> colored paper and special glasses.
    Michael> 	My .02.
    Michael> 	Michael Earls
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    Michael> conference
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