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Re: XForms document versioning (PR#104)

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Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 15:10:52 -0500
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we changed section 3.3.1 to default model version to empty, and defined empty to
mean that the processor gets to choose the version. If no version chosen is
available, the xforms-version-exception is dispatched to the default model. The
declaration on the default model is used to make the choice. Later models may
offer declarations of model version but xforms-version-exception is a gain
dispatched to the default model if their declarations are incompatible with the
version chosen.

Ulrich Nicolas Lissé.
For the Forms WG

> Hello,
> I'd like to suggest that we have a version attribute that can be used
> on any element in a host language. This would therefore be a global
> attribute in the XForms namespace, and might be used as follows:
>    <html xf:version="1.1">
>      ...
>    </html>
> My feeling is that this attribute is less about enforcing behaviour of
> processors, and more about providing a clear indication to authors
> which type of document they are dealing with.
> For example, if a form contains a submission that uses the new
> xf:resource attribute or element, it may not be immediately obvious to
> a new author as they start to learn XForms, that this is not supported
> in all processors. Rather than having a flurry of emails on one or
> other list saying that some example doesn't work, I think we should
> encourage authors to indicate what standard is being used by a form.
> Regards,
> Mark
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