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Re: proposal: add input/keyboard locale to text and keyboard events [ISSUE-119]

From: Jacob Rossi <jrossi@microsoft.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 19:43:26 +0000
To: "schepers@w3.org" <schepers@w3.org>, "www-dom@w3.org" <www-dom@w3.org>, "olli.pettay@helsinki.fi" <olli.pettay@helsinki.fi>
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>> I think you mean null, not "" ;)
>> -Olli

So, I originally though it would be null. However, I had a discussion with shepazu about null versus "" for the .char property of KeyboardEvent.  The spec currently says,

                    "For a key which does not have a character representation, the value must be null."

But Doug claimed this was a mistake and it should actually be "". The explanation was that because .char is a DOMString, returning "" instead of null allows it to continue being a string. So taking the same logic, I made the conclusion that .inputLocale would also be "" when not determined.

If Doug is making the change for .char to be "" when not determined, then I think inputLocale should also be "".  Empty strings still fail an if-test, so I don't personally care if it's "" or null. But both properties should probably consistent in what they return when a proper value is not determinable.

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