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Re: DOM interfaces for XSLT

From: Frans Englich <frans.englich@telia.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 14:45:37 +0000
To: vinay.l@tcs.com
Cc: www-dom@w3.org
Message-Id: <200506051445.37207.frans.englich@telia.com>

On Sunday 05 June 2005 14:31, vinay.l@tcs.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I am quite surprised about this mail.. Why do we need any DOM interfaces
> in XSLT.

I'm asking about invoking XSLT transformations from DOM environments, not 
invoking DOM from XSL-T stylesheet/XPath extension functions or something in 
that direction.

> After all XSLT is able to retrieve data from an XML document as 
> in DOM. Is the interface frans asked about writing to XML documents thru
> XSLT!!

I'm asking about that from for example an ECMAScript in a browser invoke a 
stylesheet on an DOM tree, because that's what appears to me to be what users 
are doing, with the ECMASript APIs in for example Mozilla/IE.

I might of course be very confused here, and an explanation/untangling is 


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