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Re: DOM 3 Events: EventListeners and NodeFilters?

From: Alexander J. Vincent <ajvincent@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 05 Feb 2003 17:22:39 -0800
To: plh@w3.org
Cc: www-dom@w3.org
Message-ID: <F1759HWP5RvITt7Qs6h000049c2@hotmail.com>

>Such addition would only be useful for the capture and bubbling phases,
>isn't it? When the document is on at the AT_TARGET phase, the
>currentTarget is the same as target, and the event listener must have
>been registered on the target anyway. Are you attaching listeners that
>are generic and, in that case, needs to check for the target before
>doing processing? Can you provide some use cases?

Firstly, I want to admit an oversight -- I could just as easily write a 
NodeFilter to accept the Event object and return FILTER_ACCEPT or 
FILTER_REJECT based on the target and currentTarget properties.  We'd then 
need only one extra argument, not two.

A use case?  Consider an HTML form, where one group of input elements in a 
table have one class, and another group of input elements in the same table 
have another class.  (Say, a table of namespace URIs and prefixes.)  With a 
little scripting and some elbow grease, you could make sure each URI 
corresponds to an appropriate prefix.  (I'm doing something very similar in 
developing a widget for Mozilla's DOM Inspector to create nodes.)

If the user enters into a field, it would be wise to figure out which column 
(URI column or prefix column) he or she is altering.  In HTML we have the 
oninput event handlers, but it would be easier and less code-intensive to 
file an event listener on a common ancestor.

It's even more significant when the form also has input fields which are not 
part of the table.  A NodeFilter (or conventional DOM Core) can easily sort 
out which to apply the event listener to.

Incidentally, the DOM 3 Events WD includes new methods for namespaced events 
-- an interesting concept.  A NodeFilter operating on the Event object could 
check the namespace URI of the Event object just as easily.

Alex Vincent
Vallejo, CA

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