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getData - Elements/Nodes will null values

From: Frank Fumic <Frank.Fumic@alphawest.com.au>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 16:25:42 +0800
Message-ID: <EA0466720A21D211B6C800104B2B75E204BE9BF2@herculis.alphawest.com.au>
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I am having success with this command, with the exception of nodes that
return NULL values. That is, the node actaully exists but there is no data
for that node.
eg:  <SellerPartNumber></SellerPartNumber>

In addition I am using the following commands.
	my $LineProdCode = $line->getElementsByTagName ("SellerPartNumber");
     $Item  = $LineProdCode->[0]->getFirstChild->getData

It seems to crash on the getData. 

 The module seems to be erroring out somewhere. Is there a way of checking
for nodes that exist in an XML document that have null values. Is there any
way I can trap any errors caused by the null node scenario. I could not find
anything in the documentation.

You advice would be greatly appreciated.


Frank Fumic

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