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Re: "Latest Version" link to DOM Level 1 2nd Edition

From: Joseph Kesselman <keshlam@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 10:50:21 -0500
Cc: www-dom@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFFE8CD203.B9D1DC83-ON852569B3.005573CF@pok.ibm.com>

I think folks do expect "latest version" to point to "latest version of
this document" -- defined as the one that contains the latest version of
the same information.

Possible suggestion: Divide this into several links:

* Latest Version of This Module at This Level (for a pre-Recommendation
document, that  may actually be or the CR/REC that replaced it)

* Latest Recommendation for This Module at This Level (which may be a null
reference if the module is new, but which allows you to go from Level 1 to
Level 1.1 -- or 1.2 if/when that exists).

* Latest Recommendation for This Module (may refer from Level 1 Core to
Level 2 Core, for example).

Of course this requires that a few more symbolic links or other
redirections be established at the server so we don't have to patch the
documents themselves to update these references. And we _would_ have to
patch the documents once in order to establish these additional links.

Another solution is to replace the "latest version" link with a link to a
central document which lists the latest WDs and RECs for the whole DOM.
This may actually make a lot of sense, now that the DOM has been broken up
into several documents; folks will want an easy way to link from Core to
Range, for example, as well as from Core Level 1 to Core Level 2. Again,
this would need a patch to existing documents.

It may be sufficient to just point everyone back to http://www.w3.org/DOM/

Joe Kesselman  / IBM Research
Received on Tuesday, 12 December 2000 10:50:58 UTC

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