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Re: DOM Parsers, Canonical XML

From: <johnd@derwentbs.com>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 18:42:43 +0100
To: www-dom@w3.org
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> johnd@derwentbs.com wrote:
> > Lo all,
> >
> > Am I correct in assuming that all DOM parsers have the ability to
> > output the parsed XML in Canonical XML format?
> >
> > The reason I ask is that I need to be able to read/write the data
> > contained in an XML file. The trouble is that since I am using a 4gl, I
> > cannot use c++ etc function calls. So I was hoping to get a DOM parser
> > that put everything out in canonical format, which I could then read.
> Did you intend to say "Canonical XML", invoking the Canonical XML
> standard, or is the XML standard good enough?

I meant I wanted a parser to parse a document and output the 
result to a text file in a nice format I could read. Since I am writing 
in a 4gl and cannot use any c or java routines I was hoping 
something might have already been written for me :)
I have read a page on jclark.com about canonical XML and it 
seemed right up my street.

>  You should be able to read
> and write it in XML format, whether or not it is Canonical XML.  Canonical

Oooh no, I have nowhere near enough time to write a DOM in my 

> XML can even break things for you in some cases, so it would be important
> to understand what you are trying to accomplish beyond reading and writing
> the document.

EDI. So the documents arent going to be rocket science.


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