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Re: DOM Level 2 needs getElementById method

From: Takuki Kamiya <kamiya@rp.open.cs.fujitsu.co.jp>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 1999 10:50:06 +0900
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"Michael Champion" <michael_champion@ameritech.net> writes:

> This is a semi-official Software AG response to the "Last Call" for comments
> on DOM Level 2:  [I apologize to the WG for not raising this before the Last
> Call draft, but we agreed at the August meeting to take this to e-mail to
> figure out a solution for for Level 2; that discussion never happened, and
> since I was travelling for most of the rest of August I did not notice.]
> We believe that it is important to have a method in DOM Level 2 to get an
> element by the value of its ID attribute.  There is a getElementById()
> method for HTML in DOM Level 1, and this is also needed by XML developers.
> Several DOM implementations, including Microsoft's widely used one, have
> such a method, and its lack in DOM Level 1 is often noted.

I have been desperate for such a feature in DOM and concur it falls into
the category of information which many apps in general will aspire for through
pure DOM (as opposed to proprietary DOM).

I'd like to point out that while getElementById() provides "a way of searching
node given an known id", "a way of discovering id" of an element is also
equally in need. (the name of which is, e.g. getIdAttributeName() )

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