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Re: EntityReference

From: Stephen R. Savitzky <steve@crc.ricoh.com>
Date: 29 Jul 1998 09:21:41 -0700
To: Mike Champion <mcc@arbortext.com>
Cc: www-dom@w3.org
Message-ID: <qc67gg8w6i.fsf@gelion.crc.ricoh.com>
Mike Champion <mcc@arbortext.com> writes:

> OH NO! NOT THIS AGAIN ... yup, we've been around this track a few times.
> There are numerous reasonable ways to do this, and we decided that this is
> the cleanest.  Remember that we try to balance the needs of the users and
> the implementers, the old-time SGML weenies and the HTML users born again
> as XML users, etc.  

NO -- you are not balancing the needs of the users and the implementors of
the DOM, you are balancing the needs of the users and implementors of
client-side scripting languages.  The DOM has, at least potentially, many
more applications than just being the semantic model behind Javascript, and
it would be nice if those of us who are trying to build real, working
document-processing applications could get at least a _little_ input into
the process.

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