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Q: Usage of PI and Notation

From: Zee <zeedh@sbr.net>
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 11:46:35 +0900
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XML 1.0 specification defined,
The target attribute of ProcessingInstruction used to identify the 
application to which the instruction is directed, and the value of target 
should be one of Notations.
XML 1.0 specification also defined,
The Notations identify by name the format of unparsed entities, or the 
application to which processing instructions are addressed.

So, how it works in real XML-Processor?

* How the XML-processor determine a Notation identify application or not?

Second, Notation as the format of unparsed entities
* What's the standard to define the format of unparsed entities?

Third, Notation as the application
* How the XML-processor load the application and pass datas to the 
* Can XML-processor pass the contents in document to the applications? 
* Can this mechanism be used to load application from remote server?  How?

If, All answers about above questions are No or processor-dependent
* Why those are included in DOM specifications?

Best regards.

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