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Re: DOM Core API Spec..

From: Mike Champion <mcc@arbortext.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 11:19:42 -0400
Message-Id: <98Apr29.111940edt.26884@thicket.arbortext.com>
To: Rajesh N <rajesh_n1@verifone.com>, www-dom@w3.org
At 11:42 AM 4/29/98 -0400, Rajesh N wrote:
>	There seems to be a contradiction in the spec regarding the
>description of the interface 'Element'.
>The operation 
>	void getElementsByTagName(in wstring tagname);
>is NOT returning anything as per this declaration. But the 
>description says that this operation 'Returns an iterator through
>all subordinate elements with a given tag name.' which seems to 
>be logical. Should this operation return a NodeIterator ?

You're right; it should return a NodeIterator.

Thanks, this will be fixed next time around,

Mike Champion
Received on Wednesday, 29 April 1998 11:21:26 UTC

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