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Re: Action items status [JsUnit]

From: Robert Clary <bclary@netscape.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 14:32:35 -0400
Message-ID: <3D3709C3.5070500@netscape.com>
To: edward@jsunit.net
CC: Curt Arnold <carnold@houston.rr.com>, www-dom-ts@w3.org

Curt has contributed some updates to jsUnit which I would like to 
discuss with you and Curt. I think this should be considered for 
inclusion into JsUnit but would like to discuss it with you and Curt 
first. I am attaching a diff -u against the JsUnit CVS trunk and a zip 
file containing the new files Curt has added.

It would be good to get some test results with alternative 
browsers/operating systems.

Curt, I have taken your version of JsUnit, cleaned up the line endings, 
and generated a diff against the current trunk of JsUnit on sourceforge. 
Can you apply these changes to a fresh checkout of JsUnit from 
sourceforge to make sure I have not broken anything?

It includes a couple of additional changes from your version:

a) fix for a NS 6.2 bug which was added to JsUnit 1.3.2
b) minor edits in xbDebug.js
c) fixed line endings in jsUnitStyle.css
d) update of name from JsUnit 1.3.0 alpha to JsUnit 1.3.2 to match 
current trunk.

I also added your name to the contributors list in the new/modified files.


Curt Arnold wrote:
> Dimitris Dimitriadis wrote:
>> All,
>> I'd like to do a survey on how things stand in order to estimate how 
>> much more work we need before being able to release the next version 
>> of the DOM TS. Most activity of late has been in connection with HTML 
>> tests, and not so much the DOM TS framework.
>> 1. HTML. What is the count of tests for L1/2? Have they been checked 
>> for correctness? 
> I've gotten HTML L1 down to what I think are true implementation bugs. 
> Rick was supposed (and probably has) mirrored the changes into the HTML L2.
>> 2. Framework. I've informed the DOM WG that we've started working on a 
>> new framework and invited the member companies to provide feedback on 
>> the new framework. Are there particular issues Bob and Edward would 
>> like help with? When do you expect to be able to run the new framework 
>> with the old tests? 
> There is currently a fork in the JSUnit work.  About a month ago, I 
> updated test-to-ecmascript.xsl, the support files and provided a hacked 
> version of the initial JSUnit 1.3 alpha that would run the tests. While 
> I was in the death throes of getting that ready, Bob issued a revised 
> JSUnit 1.3.  I had asked Bob to review the generated tests and my hacked 
> JSUnit and suggest a path forward, but didn't get any feedback.  I like 
> the way the tests are currently rendered and in general, like the 
> modifications that I made to JSUnit.  However, I did the JSUnit mods 
> quick and dirty and may have broken something, so I'd suggest 
> incrementally working in the changes and making sure that existing non 
> TS tests still run.
>> There are a few more issues that I've taken up with the DOM WG, in 
>> particular:
>> 1. Tests for particular modules. We've discussed having tests written 
>> for the modules by those responsible for producing them (the member 
>> companies whose representatives prdocue the specifications).
>> 2. DOM TS Group involvement: I've raised the issue of not having a 
>> very balanced division of labour (as indicated earlier in a series of 
>> postings to this list) which in turn means that we cannot ensure that 
>> all implementations will run smoothly with the new framework.
>> Any other issues?
>> /Dimitris

Bob Clary, bclary@netscape.com
Technology Evangelist, Netscape Communications

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