To: Manager--Your best aluminum diecasting supply from China

From: Su Xiao (
Date: Tue, Apr 23 2002

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    From: Su Xiao <>
    Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 23:46:28 +0800
    Subject: To: Manager--Your best aluminum diecasting supply from China
    Note: Could you please forward this important information to your Manager responsible for purchasing ? Thank you.
    Dear Manager,
       We are a professional supplier of Aluminum die casting components from China. Our products are widely used by chair and furniture industry.
       1. All our plants are ISO9002 certified with excellent quality;
       2. Our price are around 50-80% of the international market prices by using the low costs manpower and material resources in China. This will improve your profit level and market competitiveness significantly;
       3. Our strong production facilities will ensure you timely delivery.
       For detailed information, please visit our website:
       We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and cooperate with you in the near future.
       Thank you and best regards!
       Su Xiao
       International Marketing Manager
       China Jiangsu Complete Machinery Equipment Co.
       Room 2006, 120 Shanxi Road,
       Nanjing, China 210009
       Tel:+86-25-3325825, 3307888-7521