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Re: Admin changes to obsolete WebSimpleDB in deference to IndexedDB

From: Arthur Barstow <art.barstow@nokia.com>
Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 07:30:37 -0400
Message-Id: <7D98C215-1845-4D05-831B-31ACEC26E11A@nokia.com>
Cc: team-webapps@w3.org, Dominique Hazael-Massieux <dom@w3.org>, www-archive <www-archive@w3.org>
To: Jeremy Orlow <jorlow@chromium.org>, Nikunj Mehta <nikunj@o-micron.com>
FYI, Mike Smith just implemented the the component name change:  
Indexed Database API.

-Thanks, Mike!

On May 21, 2010, at 6:48 AM, Barstow Art (Nokia-CIC/Boston) wrote:

> Jeremy, All - Jeremy's suggestions below seem good to me so I think  
> we should implement them.
> 1. Does anyone object to renaming WebApp's WebSimpleDB Component to  
> IndexedDB? It appears I don't have the necessary permissions to add  
> the new component so someone from the Team will need to help. Dom,  
> who can I contact?
> 2. How do we handle changing the name of this spec's CVS directory?  
> I think the simplest thing is for Nikunj to: create a new directory  
> named IndexDB, copy the latest ED it WebSimpleDB/ to the new dir  
> and stub out the WebSimpleDB ED with a message like "this is  
> obsolete, see <a href="">Indexed DB spec</a> for the replacement  
> spec". However, if there is another precedence we should follow,  
> that's OK too, just elaborate.
> OK?
> -Art
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