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Re: Charters for review

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 01:04:38 +0900
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To: Dean Jackson <dino@w3.org>

Le 23 nov. 2006 à 00:49, Dean Jackson a écrit :
> I liked David's suggestion that the group consider deliverables  
> with smaller increments, although I understand what Ian says about  
> this being difficult. It still might be possible to develop an HTML  
> specification with the minimum set of new features.

I think that would help the whole community:
   - browser developers in being able to synchronize specs  
development and product releases
   - book writers to publish updates
   - webmasters, web developers to learn step by step with small  
increments the technologies.
   - Test suite a lot easier to develop.

A big monolithic specification trying to cover everything is likely  
to have the same difficulties than previous framework. It was one of  
the lessons of the WebAPIs WG.

> The development of the test suite is another matter, but I would  
> expect that the majority of it arrives after CR.

hmmm :) let me insist with my QA hat on. Please, please, I encourage  
the chair and the staff contact to push the group to produce test  
cases when developing the specifications. I think it would help  
everyone again and it will avoid to have the pain at CR to try to get  
a full test suite.

*Each* time a feature is discussed, the WG writes the test cases for  
it. It will also gives the opportunity to really promote HTML in the  
good way by looking who/what will have to implement this specific  
feature (browsers, search engines, authoring tools, etc.)

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