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Testing Piggy Bank as a newbie.

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:09:10 -0500
Message-Id: <5CD80654-6239-4E62-8D6F-79479218D473@w3.org>
Cc: www-archive@w3.org
To: Eric Miller <em@w3.org>, Stefano Mazzocchi <stefanom@mit.edu>

Hi Eric, Hi Stefano,

You have asked if I could give a try to Piggy Bank. So I will  
describe the process of using it. I have assumed that I had no  
knowledge of anything and then I have written my comments, my  
impressions, my feelings. Don't take it bad. I really tried to know  
anything. Some of my questions were really true questions I had.

I hope it will help you.

* I'm using Mac Os X 10.4.3 on a powerbook 12".
* I'm using Camino or Safari usually.
* I have always a  bunch of applications running at the same (7 right  


In Camino, I put the address
	Cookies (grrr) ;)

Good: Right away, the first page tell me What is "piggy bank". But  
right away, it tells me I have to download Firefox. I know your  
application is tied to the browser, that might make some people go  
away. Does it work in Mozilla for exemple?

	* the link to "Semantic Web" on W3C Home Page. The page there has  
improved a lot but is still done for specialist. We lack at W3C a  
page explaining very simply what the semantics Web is about. :) I  
would be happy to work on that with Eric Miller and Ian Jacobs.
	* What is a "Semantic Web Browser"? :) I'm not sure that people  
really care. Maybe something a lot simpler as it helps you to grab  
and collect data on the Web auto-magically. What is the purpose for  
the user? Why it will help his/her life?
	* Screenshots: Usually that's good to have screenshots, but here  
there are out of context. :) You should put that on another page give  
it the name: "Your 5 minutes introduction to Piggy Bank" and shows  
the screenshot surrounded by a story. Or even make a screencast.
	Example: 5 minutes of using delicious.

	* What can I do with this? :) But I guess should be part of the  
introduction and the link to the screencast.

	* The introduction has it is done now is a bit dry and you see a lot  
of text and you want to run away ;) Too much work for my brain to  
start. :)

	* The examples in the intro are interesting, but replace Scenario 1,  
etc. by a catch phrase. Something like, just suggestions, you will  
have certainly better titles than mine.
	Scenario 1 -> "Find and locate a place for lunch"
	Scenario 2 -> "Find a good place for your new apartment"
	Scenario 3 -> "Sort out information the way you want"

	* At the end of the introduction or in the first page, You should  
propose "How to start". I haven't found what should I do step by step.
	1. Download Firefox (if you do not have it)
	2. Click on the Get Piggy Bank button.

The only way to know it for now is to click on the get piggy bank.

/PAUSE: Download Firefox. BACK with it/

I click on get piggy bank. A message for my security. I have to allow  
simile.mit.edu. :) It's something to explain in the how to install.  
So "allow" and close this window.
Click again on Get PiggyBank.
PiggyBank.xpi is showing in a window with a red "Unsigned"… Red for  
the user means bad. Should you signed it. :)

Click Install Now.

ok. Done.  Going to the "Now What?" because I still don't know what  
to do. :)
How do I customize my toolbar? hmmm, another missing instruction.

Go to View -> Toolbars -> Customize…

hmmm… I went there and I haven't seen little pig. Does that mean  
something failed? Or should I restart? (missing instruction) I will  
restart to try.

Oh Sweet. I restart, I thought my browser was frozen (say to people  
there might be a little delay). And I have a screen with Piggy Bank.

Enter your email address. :) I have to enter one. which one my  
personal or my professional. Ok let's try with the professional one.

Hmm URI I need an API key. I go to Google. Cut and past the  
URI as given… and I end up on Google Accounts.

	What does that mean? Is it ok?
	Do I need a Google Account? But I don't want a Google Account.

Ok I'll skip this feature in Piggy Bank and will not benefit of Maps.  
(Maybe a system of Maps online with less tracking of personal and  
private data would be good).

The yellow box is good to give you a warning that it will take time.

Ok cool I have been able to put the pig in the toolbar. :) Great. :)  
Let's start.

I'm going to the screen scrapers site as said. But what is a screen  
	"Screen scrapers are pieces of code that can extract “pure” data  
from web pages."
	Oooh you mean "Screen scrapers are tools which helps piggy bank to  
understand and collect data in the page you are browsing" ;)


Ouch :) This page is not usable. :) Specifically for a beginner. What  
I'm supposed to do here. I don't know at all. :) Going back.

The second link is not helpful either. I'm going back again. Hmmm  
there's a screenshot saying that I should click on the RDF icon at  
the bottom right.  Ok I will give a try again with the first and the  
second link.

First link, I have clicked. Something has happened but I don't know  
what has happened. Is it ok?

When I have clicked the second link I don't have any RDF icon. Is it  
because I have done the first one? Is it because there's nothing to  
do on this page?
I don't know.

"Save the screen scrapers you like (by clicking the Save button for  
each of those screen scrapers)"

Oh an instruction which comes too late. Trying again.
Ok I see the save. Maybe a screenshot of the save button.

You know I save all these screen scrapers, but I don't know their  
goals. There's no description of them. and there are bizarre labels  
with an arrow. Too much complicated. I don't know what that means.

I just want a button with, for example:

"Keep memories of the book you have read with Amazon."
"Description: blablabla"


"Tools to grab calendar information contained in pages"
"Description: blablabla"


What the hell is "CSAIL Directory Scraper" and why it's interesting  
for me?
On the first list there was no "Save" Button

OK going back to the list "Now What"

Yoohoo Finally "Try it out for real". It took me almost 45 minutes to  
get there.

Ahaha! Titles which seems more interesting. Toronto.com, Monster,  
etc. But still a UI which doesn't quite make it. I don't want to see  
the pipes ;) I just want the meaningful content under my eyes.

ok done all the "Save", even Toronto.com… Oh geez I'm not living in  
Toronto but it could be fun, I don't know. I'm just a dumb user.

I go to Monster.com

I type in Keywords: [ RDF ]

oops nothing happened. Going back the page "now what"

"You should see the data coin icon at the right side of the status  
bar. Click on it."

hmmmm… Trying again. Nothing on the right side of the status bar.  
Nothing at all.
I have verified again my scraper for monster.com is saved. Nothing  
has happened.

Ahhh… What should I do?
End of experiment?

I don't know what to do next. :)

End of experiment for now.


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