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rdf interest - term frequency count (300 msgs)

From: Dan Brickley <danbri@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 19:05:00 -0500 (EST)
To: <www-archive@w3.org>
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.30.0201191904230.20815-100000@tux.w3.org>

work in progress...

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4884 : the
2708 : to
2307 : of
2211 : a
1962 : from
1710 : is
1619 : for
1510 : and
1449 : with
1386 : in
1359 : by
1321 : rdf
1177 : that
1071 : i
1067 : id
1052 : be
1041 : received
804 : this
781 : esmtp
682 : it
655 : an
602 : aug
575 : not
563 : tue
554 : as
509 : are
466 : jun
465 : or
441 : on
439 : subject
437 : have
387 : you
369 : can
359 : jul
352 : but
349 : if
342 : date
328 : may xml
309 : statement
297 : model
296 : mon
295 : resource
291 : we
289 : uri
286 : fri
283 : would
259 : at
257 : one
243 : which
240 : about
228 : schema wed
226 : some
225 : syntax
224 : will
223 : there
219 : what
209 : has re
198 : its
190 : property
189 : so
187 : more
185 : do
183 : wrote
177 : class
174 : like
173 : statements
172 : should
168 : also element namespace
165 : other
163 : my
162 : thu
158 : just use
157 : your
156 : any
155 : all
151 : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa way
149 : cc
147 : attribute nov
144 : was
143 : used
142 : type web
139 : how
137 : such
136 : 7bit into
133 : smtp
132 : dan
130 : does mail
128 : value
125 : only range
123 : service
122 : been
120 : data
119 : im
118 : information they
117 : name
116 : object
114 : could internet
113 : references think
112 : me no
109 : make see using
107 : then
106 : domain mozilla uris
104 : than
103 : brian
101 : when
99 : shall
97 : am
96 : reification
93 : get predicate
92 : out
91 : document group note xlink
90 : between example new w3c
87 : following mcbride models
85 : mapping our same simple
84 : work
82 : en resources spec
81 : dont properties
80 : part reference these
79 : version
76 : api something
74 : first namespaces
73 : graham parser
72 : need now
71 : each problem two very
70 : different list working
69 : message might sat systems
68 : must possible up
67 : klyne
66 : elist seems table
65 : able current instance know say
64 : both however linking
63 : mime
62 : set
61 : application link microsoft
60 : general interest please reified them
59 : arc define defined
58 : here
57 : find linux
56 : organization research thats types university want
55 : champin defines sender
54 : being description pairs sun where
53 : another local semantic sergey xmlns
52 : brickley good java people software support take
51 : localhost things
50 : clarification form mapped section their through triple well
49 : added case connolly given jonas much represent
48 : regards uses
47 : available james
46 : elements found names rather those van
45 : create implementation provide series title useful
44 : classes content dayrange had hi metadata second since
43 : applications approach column end many number order query question specification stefan understand xslt
42 : doing identified knowledge rules specified why world
41 : address harvesting issues most normal perry thanks whether
40 : because better call certain comments doesnt express really structure stuff text whose workshop
39 : either far public purpose thing were without
38 : additional done ive language look schemas time
37 : database even fact jan rss sure
36 : best determine guha idea
35 : above back harvested management specific subclass tauber values
34 : already extended fax kind locator lot needs processor produced qname quid registration said synthesized terms tom
33 : based described eetvelde format html least links perl sirpac solution windows
32 : allows anyone bag base conference did eudora go include makes making over own protege qualcomm says user via within
31 : believe correct figure instances little made method n node provides representation ron source system technology
30 : _ according agree attachment exactly fragment right still too triples while
29 : add attributes character clear common open original outlook recommendation represents
28 : actually allow design digital discussion got guess hplabs itself laserjet markup ora seem sent someone view who write
27 : consider daniel framerd legal mean melnik objects point restrict september serialization
26 : adding before issue last less mimeole parsers phone pretty read s server several storage
25 : alternative arcrole b caro core documents effort etc full having interested known practical process project put store student whatever xlinks
24 : anything arcs bit currently describing going graph help important including maybe particular per prolog relations representing required simply together ways wide
23 : charles code come conceptual defining describe draft easy generate liljegren month page probably similar sounds standard subclassof though try us written xpointer
22 : change contains expanded feedback lightweight navigation nice pm proposal provided rdfdb reasonable relationship starting various words
21 : abstract although base64 community course creation ending hope identifier instead isalso linkbase literal map papers place quite semantics send sort therefore tim vocabularies
20 : again boundary bristol cant day descriptions details email every give line looking needed rdfs requirement thought thus wish
19 : answer asserted basic consortium context enough explicit gives hello implement intended intrest invoked june level m_s ontology otherwise pair philippe present qnames real regarding role sense sheffield sit site string suppose users variables
18 : after below daylight down file function he interface logic long looks mccathienevile multiple never o ontologies p3p person practice recent related sergeys specify swick technologies tel topic trying versions viruswall weve x
17 : 8bit altum appear called cannot cases clearly de decker denotes dictum download editor electronic eric examples exchange feel four further isnt latin latine meaning means pro processing ralph refer results running services times tools viditur wanted
16 : absolutely associated built c came computer dave deal difficult else equivalent experience framework future havent initial institute lets methods necessary once online plus potential proposed separate shown storing structures submission subproperty suggests takes under until year yes yet
15 : absolute always appropriate assertions card directed eve explicitly extension facts fairly files free getting grant hence identifiers implemented inline job july keep languages lee let lists modify perhaps problems procedure program r reifying result retrieve sample seen sharing single theres tree u unique upper url whole
14 : ability access addition appears constraints constructed conventions directly discussions distributed existing heres high his ideas identify indicate inside interesting isolation le logical martin mechanism parsing personal presentation primarily rdftype reason reasoning save saying search share simpler space specifications state step style submissions suggested understanding unless urls wonder
13 : alcatel assume assumes business capital changes contain created declare definitions denote describes didnt dublin dump expressed few ge greater hard http inference integer jonathan laser lower mentioned network paper parse pass piece queries rdfabout rdfsclass release servant special talk term thomas true update wg
12 : aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaa accommodation algorithm alternate anyway apply arent around ask assuming become becomes borden certainly comes constraint contact containing contexts convention cr creating development digest drh2000 entity equals expect fast forward furthermore generating hand implementations implementors implied included indeed intelligent international labels mailing maler mention mind mining missing nodes parts pc plan pos position produce protocol published relevant return rule science specifying synthesizing tag themselves thoughts top transformation traversal uk vcard wondering youll
11 : across actual agent allowed begin bug build careful carry concept considered consistent db definition designed distinguish during easier ein encoding errata especially expansion folks generated graphs hubbard identifying inferencing info infoset interfaces kokkelink lassila localname maps modeling ns ok oo others posted programming projects represented request review rfc sankar side soon street structured suggestions supports technical thinking tool usability worth writer writing wrong xpath xset
10 : aaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6 aaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6 aaron annotating announce announcing arbitrary attempt australia candidate december decided developed directory drh due eand eappend engineer entities evolution except exists facility familiar finding follow foundation frame generic goal great humanities iana identity imho incorporated initiative jos knows laserfax li libraries library major members micropayment modelling natural next notion old opinion optra permits portion prefix previous questions rdfdescription rdfpredicate rdfsconstraintproperty recall rest runs scheme sep sometimes sql standards start stephenson tables test thank theyre updated views vocabulary wielemaker
9 : a_class aaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaa aaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoa aaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaa ado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaa adobe agents appreciate beckett brings bunch collection comment committee concern confused constructs convenient corresponding couldnt cqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkjcqkj dans databases depending discussed discussing documentation documented earlier editorial enpdf exist expert extend extract false formal gets graphical happen harvest hear internal interpretation intreststatement join junction kioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioqkioq lexical live location member messages nothing nt offer ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaaaaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaa ojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaaaa!
aaojoaaaaaaaaaado6aaaaaaaaaaa6ogaaaaaa optimized predicates presentations processors product reading regular relational remove response reverse serialized significant small specifies stanford statementconstraint subclasses suggest tags taken thru transform unfortunately var yield zero
8 : accept accessibility along annotations apis applies august automated background behavior binary bookmarks box bring building chair chance changed check compact complex concatenate concatenation control credit cyc dcsubject department detail dom dtd encompass english established evaluation explain extensible fields forum functions gabe global gr guidelines handle hyperlinks ill impact implicit includes inclusion independent inserted intrinsically invite involves judson maas main mccn meant myself necessarily nested ones optional output package particularly perfectly period pointed possibly precise privacy qualified rael reader report representations requires respect rise roo ross saved sax serialisation shipping short show sites situations soap somewhat split statementpredicate stylesheet submitted subpropertyof suggestion supply sv swartz syntactic technique traversals treated trivial trust typically v variable welcome works xcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxcxfxc!
7 : abouteach abouteachprefix abstractclass activity addressed adr ancestor architecture asserting associate asumption b_class bags bgl big body bulgarian c_class calls category causes center child clarify clearer colon computing concerned contained convenience convinced copy datafusionnt1 deadline dealing declaration delos developers difference direct distinct easily empty encounters entry ethus ever exchanging excuse extractor filters final flaw frank friday fundamental gateway generally goals hack half higher href imagine improved intend interaction introduced inventing john key klaus later layer left literals lms m mark material media michael motivated mt0044 naming non nor northampton off optimizations ordering overhead perception personally plans policy post prefixes priori proof proposals providing ps quote rdfsrange realise recommend ref relationships relative removal reports require returns ruan run school select serialize seth shame shared smtprs snapi sorry stand !
stores stream strongly sufficient supporting talks team themes theory three today track traffic unknown valid virdhagriswaran virtual wellesplein whilst word wordnet wraf writeup yup
6 : 2476v 30th accepted admit adoption advantage against aim allowing amongst answers antwerpbelgium applet appologise approaches area areas arguments asked asks assertion attached auction author bases bath behind bell bill ca canon carlton castellucci centric chairs college coming complete components compute concatenated concatenating concerns customer cycles david decide default delegate der dereferencing derose desired develop differ direction director dynamic early earn eetveldetom emailinternet encompass2000 engines errors establish euler everything excellent expresses expressing expressions fixed flag fn fopc forbids formally formatted forwarded francis friendly gerard gpo grandfathered guarantee handled hash hellas hellman hotels husband ids ilrt imo implementing imply import importance integrated interoperability interoperable invited items keyword kinds labeled lake large levels librdf light limited literally ls manage marketing matching melbourne metacode nature ne!
arest none odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4odg4 often opening orders org organizations outside p pages paris passes play pleased possibility postal power prices primary production propose pt publishing querying raised rates rdfsdomain reach readers reasonably recognizing reduce refers relies removed renato rfc822 russell scale scientists sessions setup shema simplifying specs stored straightforward strings strong summarising sunos supposed syntaxes synthesize talking taylor techniques telwork traversing uml unicode usual vic victoria wont worries www xmllang
5 : 3rd a_object acceptance achieve additions addressing algorithms almost alone amsterdam andrew annotation anybody apart applied apps archives argue article artificial arts aside aspects assumed assumption backend bad basically belong bob bowstreet btw caching calendar canonical catizone choice chose click close closed clue co collected comfortable communities company complexity compliant conferences confident confusing conjunct connect construct construction container contents contextual continue contrast convince cool cost couple curators dear definitive degree delegates delete delivery demo diagram drafts draw dtds effect efficient efforts embedded emit engine error et events everyone expected exploitation expose external extracting facilitate feature features fee fellow fine firmly fit fixes focus formalism francisco freedom front goes greatly grosso hall helps hjelm hold homepage hotel iannella immediately implicitly index indexes indicates indicating individual infra!
structure inspiration instant instantiating instructions integration intent introduce intuition item janne javascript jeen l0voij4ncjxive1mpjxirufepg0kpe1fveegy29udgvudd0idgv4dc9odg1soybjagfyc2v0pwdi label lack largely layman learning legacy license listed ln locators lore lots malorny mandate mandated manner memory michel mike minimum mistaken misunderstood named nesting net nokia notes notification ntex obtain obvious oil opaque operations opinions option originating outlining overlap owned participants participation pcfet0nuwvbfiehutuwgufvcteldicitly9xm0mvl0rurcbive1midqumcbucmfuc2l0aw9uywwv persons pick places plain pointer points portals positive preservation price principle printer priority proceedings produces programers programme proper provisional purposes puzzles ran rdfproperty ready reasons rec recently reduces released requests resolve restricted restriction resulting revised roberta san scholars sciences scott searching semiotics separating serious sets shlomit!
 shorthand simon skolem slightly slow smtpd social solved solves sozopol staff stands started states stead stop strength sufficiently suite talked tell thematic thesis third timbl timetable topics totally townsend tracking transcend translation tried tripel trouble tuesday ultimately unclear uncomfortable understood unification usable ut validity verbose visual vlist w3cs webdav widely william wouldnt xsl youre zurich
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