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Re: Annotation technology at USC

From: Julie work <julieg@weborganic.com>
Date: Sun, 03 Sep 2000 06:39:03 +1000
Message-ID: <39B16567.37A15501@weborganic.com>
To: www-annotation@w3.org
That reminds me.........
Several weeks ago I loaded Jon Garfunkels summary of annotation architectures onto our site so that I could update it. It is now
available and has seeds in place so that you can add corrections, updates and additions. I haven't made any changes to it yet but if
you can add any extra info you have directly to the page I will create a new version incorporating the changes in about a month. You
can register for the page if you want to receive the updates to it.

I rediscovered Ilia's work when I was researching to add to the page but have been pressed for time because we're trying to get a
new release of PageSeeder out in November. We now offer trial sites too if you want to test it with your own pages and groups.



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