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Re: Install on Ubuntu 12.04 fails: "libssl0.9.8 is not installed"

From: Dominique Meeùs <dominique@d-meeus.be>
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2012 00:21:02 +0200
Message-ID: <504BC4CE.1090507@d-meeus.be>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Peter Binney a écrit ce qui suit, le 08/09/12 08:18 :
> I am trying to install Amaya on 12.04.1, following the (as always 
> ugly, compared to Windows!) process/instructions:
> ran: dpkg -i  amaya_11.4.4-1-ubuntu_i386.deb
I think dpkg being a powerful but low level command, everything else 
should be prefered.
> […]
> But, the Ubuntu Software Centre says that libssl0.9.8 /is/ installed
The Software Centre has no File/Open command. But if you right-click the 
downloaded Debian package amaya*.deb, the Software Centre is proposed 
(as first proposal) to open it. I you even double-click instead, the 
Software Centre comes up directly. Maybe this would make a better job at 
solving dependencies or conflicts. I have also used gdebi in the past, 
but today the Software Centre does the same, so no need to install 
another installer.
With tools as the Software Centre or Synaptic, installing in Ubuntu is 
much easier, safer and faster than under Windows. Of course packages in 
the repositories give more chance of success than third parties’ packages.
I had that version of Amaya installed soon after Ubuntu 12.04 (in May?) 
I do not remember any more if I have had problems.
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