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Re: How do I create a new style in Amaya?

From: Keith Rubow <krubow@micro-aide.com>
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 10:07:31 -0800
Message-ID: <4B8EA563.10704@micro-aide.com>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
To create an inline style, simply select the text or elements you wish 
to style, then select Format->Style editor... (or click the CSS toolbar 
button) and select your styles. Click Apply, and an inline style will be 

To create an internal style rule, first create an inline style as 
described above. Then (with the text or elements still selected) select 
Format->Create rule... and select the desired class or pseudo-class from 
the list (or type your own CSS selector). Click Confirm, and the inline 
style will be converted to an internal style rule. You may now apply 
that style to other elements by selecting the elements and applying the 
same class to the elements using Apply class in your panel bar.

To create an external style sheet (the most powerful method), select 
File->New->New style sheet... from the menu. Amaya helps you to create 
styles as follows. Type the CSS selector and opening brace as follows:
p.mystyle {

Then click the CSS toolbar button and select your styles. The styles 
will be added to your style sheet when you click Apply. You must still 
add the closing brace. Create as many styles as you want.

Now you must link the style sheet to your HTML or XHTML document. Save 
the style sheet, and go to your HTML or XHTML document. Select 
Format->Style sheets->Link..., and select your style sheet. The style 
sheet is now linked, and classes defined in your CSS selectors will 
appear in the list of classes under Apply class in the panel bar. 
Applying the classes will cause the styles from your style sheet to be 

Keith Rubow

Alma Hunt wrote:
> How do I create a new style in Amaya? or is it possible to modify an inbuilt
> amaya style which is restricted only for one document?
> Please clarify
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