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behaviour on object/embed oversized SVGs

From: (wrong string) ありがとうございました。 <j.chetwynd@btinternet.com>
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 08:09:53 +0000
Message-Id: <2ED61622-88C6-4DD6-BCEB-61D140C5621B@btinternet.com>
Cc: Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr
To: Amaya discussion list <www-amaya@w3.org>
behaviour on object/embed oversized SVGs

Amaya is ignoring html height and width on object/embed for:

according to the attached mail from jwatt:
the correct behaviour is for:
 >> the spec mandated overriding of the width
and height of the SVG

Jonathan Chetwynd


+44 (0) 20 7978 1764

Begin forwarded message:

From: Jonathan Watt <jwatt@jwatt.org>
Date: 1 March 2008 21:23:22 GMT
To: svg-developers@yahoogroups.com
Subject: Re: [svg-developers] Opera/FF/ASV behaviour on oversized SVGs
Reply-To: svg-developers@yahoogroups.com

Stefan Heinrichsen wrote:
 > I recognized three different behaviours at three different  
browsers, when a
 > svg image is bigger than its embed tag.
 > ASV and firefox 3: Make the overlaying parts available by panning
 > Firefox 2: Provides scrollbars
 > Opera: Cuts off the overlaying parts

Can you provide a link to an example? As far as I'm aware ASV has always
overridden the width and height of the SVG with the width and height  
of the
<embed>/<object> tag (as required by the SVG spec). As a result  
lengths in the SVG should be relative to the <embed> width/height if  
the SVG
doesn't have a viewBox, or if the SVG does have a viewBox attribute,  
the SVG
should fully scale.

Double checking IE with ASV 6 build 38363 on the following page, this  
seems to
be the case:


Firefox 3 betas should now be doing the spec mandated overriding of  
the width
and height of the SVG just as ASV does. The behavior of Firefox 2 is  
just plain
broken I'm afraid (it shouldn't scroll).

I also checked the link above in Opera 9.50 beta build 9815 and  
Safari 3.0.4
(523.15) and they have the same broken behavior of Firefox 2  

I've not noticed any SVG implementation that clips instead of  

Hopefully Opera and Safari will soon fix their SVG implementations to  
do the
overriding thing, and Firefox 2 will fade fast after the release of  
Firefox 3.


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