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Re: amaya for fedora 8?

From: Regis Boudin <regis@boudin.name>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 16:33:18 -0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: <46134.>
To: www-amaya@w3.org

Hi again,

On Tue, January 8, 2008 15:39, Matej Cepl wrote:
> On 2008-01-08, 01:42 GMT, Martin Duerst wrote:
>> I think your comment is very important. But to make it more
>> valuable,
>> could you be more specific, e.g. giving examples of what's broken
>> with the build system, or which system libraries should or shouldn't
>> be used but are not,...
> I am just in the process of trying to rebuild Amaya on Fedora 8,
> and I cannot say that I am successful -- SPEC file (packaging
> metadata for .rpm packages) is
> http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/rpms/amaya.spec (non-functional
> source package is
> http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/rpms/amaya-9.55.2-1.fc8.src.rpm).
> Log of whole build process is
> http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/rpmbuild-log.txt

+ make -j3 all
I would avoid that. Someone at Debian tried to rebuild the whole archive
with -j2, it appears that Amaya doesn't cope well with it. :(

having a quick look, I can see this in the first place :
checking for raptor-config... no
configure: WARNING: Not using system-provided Raptor library
configure: WARNING: Raptor source dir not found !!
configure: WARNING: Disabling raptor build !
You might want to install the raptor development stuff. Though it should
have disabled annotations support, so I believe your problem right now is
not related.

> What I try to do is to emulate Debian package (and apply its
> patches), which try to use system libraries of libpng, libjpeg,
> raptor, redland, libwww and some small fixes (something
> security-related and build problems on 64bit machines). Whole
> debian diff against upstream package (where some non-free files
> were removed) is
> http://ftp.cz.debian.org/debian/pool/main/a/amaya/amaya_9.55~dfsg.0-1.diff.gz
> Apparently, the only imporantant patches are those in
> debian/patches directory.

See the private mail I sent you earlier for details, but you got it pretty
much right.

> There are two problems which I see:
> 1) around line 2188 of the rpmbuild-log.txt are problems with
>    compilation of TemplateT.TRA. I have no clue what they are
>    about, but I will deal with them only when I will fix the
>    second problem.

No idea about it, doesn't append for me.

> 2) When bin/amaya_bin is being linked (line 2919 and its
>    surroundings) linking crashes (version of system libwww is
>    5.4.1):
>    query.o: In function `AHTProfile_newAmaya':
>    /home/matej/redhat/BUILD/Amaya/WX/amaya/../../amaya/query.c:2430:
>    undefi ned reference to `HTTransportInit()'
>    /home/matej/redhat/BUILD/Amaya/WX/amaya/../../amaya/query.c:2469:
>    undefined reference to `HTTransferEncoderInit(_HTList*)'
>    /home/matej/redhat/BUILD/Amaya/WX/amaya/../../amaya/query.c:2487:
>    undefined reference to `HTMIMEInit()'
>    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
>    Apparently problem may be related to the fact that query.c
>    (which is C++ source file, not plain C one as would extension
>    suggest) somehow mangles need for C-library v. C++-library.
> Any ideas, what's going on, please?

Not sure. These symbols are supposed to be in libwwwapp, which is
correctly listed. For the record, I use a shared 5.4.0. Also, which
version of gcc/g++ do you use ?

> Now, to be exact about answering your questions:
> 1) "Broken" is probably too strong word, but I don't like the
>    idea of separate tree in %{prefix}/Amaya -- libraries should
>    go to /usr/lib{,64}, binaries to /usr/bin, non-arch specific
>    files to /usr/share, system-wide configuration to /etc, etc.
>    but it shouldn't be all stuffed in one separate tree.


> 2) What is IMHO broken (aside from small issues like C++ files
>    having .c extension etc.) is that basically the patches
>    available in Debian (allowing to use --enable-system-{name of
>    the library} and similar stuff) is not part of the upstream
>    tarball.

Seconded as well. I've always made my patches public on this list,
unfortunately some of them do not get merged. :( I would really like to
have at least my redland and raptor related ones merged so I could more
easily do the libwww one properly. Oh, and the libcurl thing I started to
play with would be much easier, too.

Expect me to push again once Amaya 10.0 is released.

>    If the particular version of ABI is required, just
>    say so, but including multi-megabyte library (and not only
>    once) inside of the tarball (wx) is just broken,

Seconded. Again. Even if there are reasons to link some libs statically in
some conditions (mainly for Mac I guess), it should not imply building
mesa, wx, redland, raptor and libwww from source, especially considering
the first two are in the top 20 in terms of necessary disk space to build
(~2GB each).

>    and (I guess)
>    one of the reasons why many distros (aside from the ones
>    managed by maniacs like Debian Developers -- that's meant as
>    a praise)

I'll take that as a compliment, then. :)

<snip the rest>

Thanks for the feedback,

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