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Re: Fonts for Amaya (Mac OS X)

From: Laurent Carcone <carcone@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 15:23:34 +0200
Message-ID: <46F122D6.80000@w3.org>
To: Leif Halvard Silli <hyperlekken@lenk.no>
CC: Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr, www-amaya@w3.org

Hello Leif,

Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
> Irene Vatton 11.09.2007 10:31:   ­ 
>> On Monday 10 September 2007 22:59, Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
>> > Hi - in trying to put Amaya to work, we feel hampered by the somewhat
>> > primitive font support.
>> >
>> > It seems as if Amaya doesn't support the installed fonts on my Mac.
>> >
>> > Is there any page somewhere that describes how one can make Amay use
>> > other fonts than the built-in fonts it comes with?
>> >
>> > (I would actually have been satisfied, as author, with Amaya if it
>> > weren't because we need to work with combining diacritica. And each 
>> time
>> > I insert a combining diacritica, then Amaya - or the fonts it 
>> supports -
>> > starts to render the text in very impractical ways: The insertino 
>> point
>> > moves away from the "typing point" -- the insertion point looks as 
>> if it
>> > is placed 1-2 characters to the right of the real insertion point. And
>> > hence it all becomes very difficult to write.
>> >
>> > On Mac OS X the 'Lucidad Grande' font is the default font - and 
>> support
>> > for that font, would have been very good.
>> The FAQ should explain that " How to change fonts?"
>>   For more information about these configutation files, see 
>> http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/FontConfig.html
> (The H1 header of that page is unreadble because of same 
> background-color and color.)
> There are some things I don't understand with the fonts.gl file:
>   1. Is «0 for unicode ( for japanese)» used _only_ for Japanese?
>   2. What, if I e.g. set 'Times New Roman' for «1;#Latin1 (West
>      European)», and in addition set 'New York' for «10;#Latin6
>      (Nordic)» - what will I get for the letter «æ», which exist in
>      both «Scripts»/charsets? Will I get New York if I use the
>      ISO-8859-10 encoding in the web page, or what?
> Some perhaps less important things:
>   1. About this syntax, for writing several faces on the same line,
>          <font-family>;<font-face>=<font descriptor>;<font 
> descriptor>;....
>      (where <font-face> is a number and <font descriptor> is a file
>      path - unless I am mistaken) did you forget to include
>      <font-face>-number before the second <font descriptor>;? Or should
>      I be able to write this - without any number befor the bold and
>      italic fonts?
> 1;1=SeriFont-norm;SeriFont-bold;SeriFont-italic;SeriFont-bold-italic;
>> If you have a better "fonts.gl.mac" available, don't hesitate to send 
>> us. It will be integrated to our future distributions.
> I will look into that.
> The fonts.gl.mac file contains reference to Cyberbit - which is 
> supposed to be inside the $THOT/fonts directory, but I am unable to 
> find that font there.
The Cyberbit font file is not freely deliverable with Amaya, but you can 
install it by yourself in the $THOT/fonts directory (basically 
/Applications/Amaya.app/Contents/MacOS/Amaya9.55/config for the last 
The file can be downloaded from 

> About the diacritical characters that we need to use, there really 
> seems to be a bug in Amaya for Mac OS X when it comes to those 
> characters - I tried to also test Amaya on  Windows, but as I only 
> have emulation, I was not able to test properly. On my Windows, Amaya 
> crashed when I pasted in combining acute accent (&#769;). OTOH, it did 
> seem as if it did not have any effeect on the typing.
> The problem on Mac is that, regardless which font I use, when I use 
> that combining acute accent, then Amaya moves the cursor away from the 
> letter, placing it above the next letter.
> This happens per line. So if you have many combining accute letter per 
> line, then the cursor/typing marker will move perhaps more than one 
> character width away from the actual typing point. It also becomes 
> difficult to select precisely.
> So, I really hope you can look into this issue. For myself, it is the 
> most important bug with Amaya, right now ...
I'm not able to reproduce this problem, I'd like some precisions:
. what keyboard are you using ?
. what characters are you trying to enter, using what key sequence ?
I tried to enter accented characters with a us keyboard in the way 
described in Help > Characters and I had no such problem (I tested on 
version 9.55)

Laurent Carcone
Received on Wednesday, 19 September 2007 13:33:32 UTC

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