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The request on entering into the ToDo list

From: Vlad Bortin <VF.Bortin@vaz.ru>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 13:40:59 +0400
Message-ID: <1846807684.20050208134059@vaz.ru>
To: Amaya team <www-amaya@w3.org>

Hello, Amaya Team.

Work Amaya c a web documents in russian charsets (windows-1251, KOI8-R, DOS-866):
On a computer there is located version Windows 2000 RUS. In the simple text editor
we create a web page having specified value of parameters encoding and charset
as windows-1251, we enter the text and it is save all page in windows-1251.
We open page in Amaya 9:
Russian symbols in view Formatted are show correctly
Russian symbols in view Source are show correctly.
We enter the text in page or through menu XHTML/Change Title we change heading of
the document, then we keep page:
Russian symbols in view Formatted are show correctly
Russian symbols in view Source are not read
Why it occurs, it is a bug or is consequences of that that Amaya inside itself works in UTF-8?
It will be corrected?
For preservation of convenience of work with Amaya, very much it would be desirable,
that for a web documents, by default, were kept in that coding which is at present
used by system (in my case windows-1251). Then in view Source Russian symbols will
be probably deduced(removed) correctly. Or I am not right?
Besides it it is extremely desirable to provide an opportunity of compulsory preservation
a web of the document in other Russian codings distinguished from accepted by default for concrete system.
As it is realized for other codings (UTF-8, us-ascii, iso-8859-1) in menu File/Save as/, dialog Save as/Charset.
Certainly, before it having provided an opportunity a choice of these most Russian codings
from menu Edit/Preferences, dialog Preferences/Charset for new documents.

In menu File/Save as/, dialog Save as/ inscriptions (Text, Charset, MIME type) are not translated.

Best regards,
Received on Tuesday, 8 February 2005 09:40:23 UTC

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