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Re: [Announce] Amaya 9.1.4 and Amaya 8.7.4

From: Stanimir Stamenkov <stanio@myrealbox.com>
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 00:05:17 +0300
Message-ID: <429E230D.8040101@myrealbox.com>
To: www-amaya@w3.org

/Stéphane Gully/:

>   2. Try to slow down hardware acceleration of the video card: |Panneau
>      de configuration → Affichage →Paramètres → Avancé → Dépannage|
> I recommend you to follow the (2) (I hope you have the right privileges 
> on your machine to do that)

Thank you for the tip. I'll try it (I have the necessary privileges 
on the machine in turn), although it is not much convenient as the 
rest of the system/applications will get affected also.

>> * When clicking on the scrollbar top/down buttons or within the 
>> scrollbar, the canvas was not redrawn on Windows platforms.
> This bug is fixed in 9.1.4. Isn't it ?

It is written it should be fixed in 9.1 but I experience somewhat 
related (with scrolling) issue (as described below) on a machine 
using an Intel VGA built in the motherboard - I've installed the 
latest driver available obtained through the Intel site, released 
somewhere the last year.

On other machine using two different model NVidia based cards - 
there are no problems, even with Amaya 9.0... but there were 
problems with Amaya 9.0 using somewhat older driver (from November 
2004, WHQL certified).

>> What I experience is if I scroll the page and then start to type text 
>> the picture changes states on every key press - one state just before 
>> I've scrolled, then on next key stroke the screen "resumes" on the 
>> state where I've scrolled... just like there are two off-screen pages, 
>> one of which hasn't been refreshed. If I put Amaya in background and 
>> bring it back later it seems it has refreshed "the two pages" and 
>> everything's fine, until the smallest scroll occur - the picture start 
>> jumping again.
> Very strange behaviour. It happends on Amaya 9.1.4 ?

Yes, it happens on Amaya 9.1.4 as with 9.1. It doesn't happen with 
Amaya 8.7.4 or 8.7.3 (all on WinXP).

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