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[Fwd: REQUEST to distribute Amaya]

From: Pierre Fillault <pierre@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 14:31:39 -0400
Message-ID: <34523B0B.3DCEA38F@w3.org>
To: irene.vatton@w3.org
CC: www-amaya@w3.org
Amaya Team,

I thought you should know about this request.


attached mail follows:

Dear Sir,

We are a group of amateur Linux Users organized in Turkey in order to support
Turkish Linux users. Lately we have been concentrating on collecting all the
native Turkish support we have developed which has led us to the decision of
generating and maintaining a new non-profit Linux Distribution with reasonable 
turkish support. This distrubution will be available on the Internet via 
anonymous FTP, and we have found some support which will hopefully allow us 
CDROM distribution. (details at the end of the message)
*** Hereby we request your permission to include Amaya. *** 

We would like to have permission to add Amaya as a pre-compiled 
package, with any files, and/our sources you think is necessary, on a 
distribution CDROM which will not be sold for profit. 

On behalf of Turkish Linux Users Group 

F. Kagan Guerkaynak 

Information on our planned distribution follows: 

We are a loosely organised group of mainly academic origins who enjoy using
Linux and have had benefited from using linux both for personal and professional
usage. For the last three years we have been attending conferences within
Turkey, giving seminars and making demonstrations.

One of the main problems Turkish users suffer is native language support and
documentation. We have developed and/or adapted different solutions for  
this problem. (Turkey uses a ISO-8859-9 font with a 29 letter alphabet). 

We are organising the translations of Linux documents, man pages, HOWTO's, and 
have organized various seminar notes and documents into a book which is also
available online 

We had decided to create software packages to add Turkish support but recently
we have found some support which will enable us to print our book. We have an
oppurtinity to include a CD with the book. Costs will be covered by sponsors of
the 3rd Turkish Internet Conference, Turkish Unix Users Group. 

We had less success in persuading CD vendors to import Linux CD's, the number of
Linux CD's available within Turkey is surprisingly low (most are outdated)
especially compared to the number of users. I personnaly have met many people
who have travelled a long way (400-1000, km, honestly) with their HD's in their

We may eventually also distribute the same CD with major computer magazine
publishers (who usually have a CD every now and then with their magazine)

Of course starting a distribution from scratch is a serious task but we have
adopted an easier way of enhancing a common distribution with our packages. The
distribution will be based on RedHat5.0, (we asked permission for this), 
although we do not have any direct relationship with RedHat (we had to decide 
on a distribution to concentrate our efforts). This will not be an official
release of RedHat. 

We also wanted to add some packages which are not found in the distribution for
copyright reasons. We strongly  believe that your software should be part of 
any linux box. We encourage everybody to use your software and would be happy if
we could include it in our distribution ( to save people from downloading the SW
from the net ).  

No e-mail mesage should be this long, thank you very much for your attention
if you came this far. Feel free to browse our server (most of it, is in Turkish)


Kindest Regards

F. Kagan Guerkaynak 
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