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Re: Configuring Amaya

From: <Irene.Vatton@inrialpes.fr>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2000 14:21:35 +0100
Message-Id: <200001071321.OAA03348@tahiti.inrialpes.fr>
To: "David Yang" <david@math.edu>
cc: www-amaya-dev@w3.org
In-reply-to: Your message of Fri, 07 Jan 2000 06:05:22 -0600."
> Irene,
> 	thanks for the prompt response, your help is greatly appreciated.  Just in
> response to the last e-mail, by the Title Menu I mean the very top blue bar
> in Windows.  It displays the title, (next to the little logo), is there a
> way to edit this text?

There is a Thot API function which lets you update Window titles: 
Please have a look at the code in Amaya/amaya/init.c and 
> 	Also, how do I work with STRING types? Where STRING is defined?

This is a type that allows us to compile either the standard version or the 
version. It's important to respect that constraint for the future.

Please have a look at the two documents:
and http://www.w3.org/Amaya/User/Unicode-dev.html

The type STRING is defined in Amaya/thotlib/include/ustring.h

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