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Summary of DHTML Call 27 July

From: Evans, Donald <Donald.Evans@corp.aol.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 13:29:22 -0400
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Summary of the July 27 meeting of the DHTML Style Guide Working Group:



Gregory Rosmaita

Chris Blouch

Becky Gibson

Al Gilman

Lisa Papas

Don Evans



Tom Wlodkowski

Earl Johnson


Menu Discussion:


Becky feels there are a number of items in the menu discussion that have
not been completely addressed.  She will take an action item to review
the current proposal against her notes and be ready to continue this
discussion in our next meeting.



Checkbox Discussion:




Two State Check Box

            Space checks or unchecks the box.

Three State Check Box

            If not checked, space checks the check box

            If checked, space unchecks the check box

            If partially checked, space unchecks the box and unchecks
all children boxes.*


* This is the default behavior of MS, but we need to look at other
operating systems.



Lisa has voluntered to be the technical writer on the program.  

She is hoping to have a good solid draft by the end of August of what we
have covered to date.



Possible Agenda Items for Next Week:

Accordian Container may be on the agenda.  Earl is working on it, but
may not be ready to discuss it.

Review Menu after Becky reviews her notes

Radio Buttons

Context Help and use cases like prolog.

Tabindex and Focus as a discussion is recommended by Becky.


Next meeting August 10 at 12 noon Eastern time.  Please use the
following conference bridge: 



id: 51999 












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