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Re: argument for only ONE set of radio button navigation keys

From: Gregory J. Rosmaita <oedipus@hicom.net>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 16:29:42 -0400
To: gibsonb@us.ibm.com, wai-xtech@w3.org
Message-Id: <20070824201747.M39307@hicom.net>

becky wrote, quote:
I think you are suggesting that only one set of arrows be implemented - 
either up/down and left/right.

yes, that is precisely what i'm suggesting...

becky also wrote:
My feeling that supporting both was accommodating to all users.  I 
believe that a visual l person encountering a horizontal grouping 
would assume left and right key navigation and up and down key 
navigation for a vertical orientation.  By supporting both sets the 
person who can not perceive the orientation can use either set of 

ah, but this is a problem that the XHTML2 working group has had
to address with what used to be called a "horizontal rule" -- 
for languages that are vertically aligned, horizontal rules don't
help much, and it is to keep authors from using kludges that the
redefined seperator (similar to the LS i proposed last year and 
also submitted to the HTML WG for consideration) alleviates...

up and down, left and right are all in the eye of the beholder,
and the orientation of characters in a written language -- that
is why, as a user, i would rather have ONE set of keys defined 
for radio button behavior -- regardless of visual orientation --
and one set of keys reserved for expansion and collapsing tree
views...  it's a question of seperating presentation from 
content, and reducing the burden on the user...  besides, those
with neuropathy and any other tactile disabilities (such as 
myself, he quickly added in an attempt at "full disclosure")
i would rather have a 4 key arrangement limited to 2, as i 
don't want to move selection just because i can't feel which
key is which, and if i make an error (using leftarrow instead
of up arrow, i don't want the widget making decisions for me 
which i never intended to communicate to it -- in radio button
grouping only 1 set of arrow keys should work -- the others 
should do nothing; likewise, when navigating a tree i'd rather
have only 2 responsive keys than 4...

i hope this addresses your question,
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