Lecture: Ralph Munro, former WA Secretary of State

From: Rebecca Bliquez (rbliquez@u.washington.edu)
Date: Fri, Oct 05 2001

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    Subject: Lecture: Ralph Munro, former WA Secretary of State
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    Rebecca Bliquez
    Project Coordinator
    Shidler Center for Law, Commerce and Technology
    University of Washington Law School
    1100 N.E. Campus Parkway (Box 354600)
    Seattle, WA 98105-6617
    (206) 685-2636, (206) 616-3427 FAX
    (Part of the Shidler Center for Law, Commerce and Technology annual lecture
    series, "Law, Technology and the Information Society")
    Speakers: Ralph Munro, Washington Secretary of State, 1980-2000 and Member
    of the Board of
    Directors for VoteHere
    Jim Adler, CEO and Founder of VoteHere
    This presentation will offer an evolutionary look at voting systems in the
    U.S. and Washington state's key role in advancing voting processes
    throughout elections history, from taking bold steps to introduce voting
    initiatives such as new election equipment and the Motor Voter program to
    serving as home to the leading innovator in election technology. It will
    also touch on the technological advances being made in election systems
    today and in the near future.
    October 10, 2001
    4:00-5:00 pm
    Condon Hall, Room 139
    University of Washington School of Law
    1100 N.E. Campus Parkway
    Seattle, WA 98105
    **Refreshments will be served in Room 139 following the lecture**
    More on the speakers:
    Ralph Munro was instrumental in developing and implementing innovative
    programs that measurably improve the voters' democratic experience in his
    role as Secretary of State for Washington for more than two decades (1980 to
    2001). He has continued this leadership as a member of VoteHere's board of
    directors. Mr. Munro will discuss the evolution of voting systems, from
    paper ballots to the Internet, and the importance of continuing to improve
    access to voting and to offer citizens the most advanced voting options
    Jim Adler is founder, president and CEO of VoteHere, Inc., a Bellevue-based
    voting systems company that is at the forefront of the development and
    introduction of electronic and online voting systems. Mr. Adler will talk
    about the technology and policy issues surrounding voting systems, including
    the conflicting issues of security, privacy, and audit, the process for
    meeting FEC standards and certifying new voting systems, and the need for
    military online voting.