Penn State Outreach Conference

From: Ryan Badowski (
Date: Fri, Jan 19 2001

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    Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 14:35:09 -0500
    From: Ryan Badowski <>
    Subject: Penn State Outreach Conference
    My name is Ryan Badowski, from Penn State's Outreach and Cooperative 
    Extension Department.  We will be holding our annual Outreach 
    Scholarship 2001 Conference in the fall of this year and are looking 
    for electronic publications that will announce this event.  Your site 
    is one that is very well suited to publish this sort of information, 
    being that it focuses on one of our most important goals - promoting 
    distance education.  Below are the conference details, including a 
    calendar of events.  Feel free to edit it so that it conforms to the 
    specifications of your site.  Thank you for helping to further this 
    important trend in education.
    Thank you - Ryan Badowski
    Overview - Outreach Scholarship: Learning, Discovery, and Engagement
    Leaders in higher education are interested in trends that will be 
    affecting their institutions and those they serve. The Outreach 
    Scholarship: Learning, Discovery, and Engagement  conference has been 
    designed to provide you with an opportunity to learn about the 
    marketplace trends that impact public policy, higher education, and 
    our communities. The conference will be held October 14-16, 2001, at 
    The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, The Pennsylvania State 
    University, University Park, Pennsylvania. Don't miss this 
    opportunity to informally benchmark with some of the nation's 
    outreach leaders. This conference is intended to create a leadership 
    dialogue-promoting an open discussion of the issues affecting the 
    future of our institutions. This conference will also provide 
    practical tools for implementing change in our institutions.
    This is the second conference focusing on best practices in outreach 
    and public service held at The Pennsylvania State University. Last 
    year's conference attracted over 300 people to more than seventy 
    sessions, including key note addresses, and a variety of special 
    events. Planning is underway to make this year's gathering more 
    comprehensive and dynamic than ever. This year, Penn State is joined 
    by Ohio State University and University of Wisconsin Extension in 
    offering university and college faculty, administrators, and 
    community leaders an opportunity to share strategies on how to build 
    creative, effective partnerships and sustainable outreach and 
    engagement initiatives. We invite you and your colleagues to 
    participate in this dialogue for engagement.
    The conference will:
    *	Provide a forum for participants to exchange knowledge, 
    insights, and experiences related to outreach initiatives
    *	Focus on practical applications; providing the participants 
    with usable tools to implement in their respective institutions
    *	Promote closer collaborative linkages among outreach 
    personnel, faculty, individuals, communities, organizations, and 
    government officials
    *	Encourage open discussion on issues of common concern to 
    leaders and practitioners regarding outreach and engagement
    *	Examine successful outreach initiatives from the perspective 
    of the community and the outreach recipient
    *	Offer evidence that creating an outreach culture is 
    beneficial to college and university communities and the larger 
    communities they serve
    *	Create opportunities to informally benchmark with some of the 
    nation's outreach leaders in creating an agenda for the engaged 
    *	Support the development and advancement of the knowledge base 
    and theory behind successful outreach in the changing society.
    This conference is targeted to college and university leaders and 
    faculty interested in engaging their discipline with those outside 
    the academic community and with cooperative extension, continuing 
    education, distance education, technology transfer, governmental 
    affairs, university relations, and public broadcasting. The 
    presentations will focus on the following important areas:
    *	Involving community stakeholders and faculty in outreach initiatives
    *	Measuring quality and impact
    *	Delivering key programmatic areas or initiatives at your 
    institutions (e.g., P-12 education, business and technology, health 
    and science, workforce and community development)
    *	Funding outreach initiatives
    *	Using information technology and electronic commerce to serve 
    *	Fostering support of technology transfer
    *	Building innovative outreach initiatives
    *	Building collaborations and partnerships
    *	Assisting urban and rural communities
    *	Enhancing program development and marketing
    *	Supporting public policy and engagement
    *	Delivering distance education and public broadcasting
    *	Promoting outreach scholarship
    Join us in October 2001 to participate in the dialogue of 
    engagement-a dialogue of change in higher education, outreach, and 
    public service.
    Schedule at a Glance
    Note: This schedule will be revised as the program is developed.
    Sunday, October 14, 2001
    1:00-1:15 p.m.			Welcome
    1:45-3:15			Response Panel
    3:15-3:30			Break
    3:30-4:45			Plenary Session
    5:00-6:30			Reception
    6:30-8:30			Dinner and Dinner Speaker
    Monday, October 15, 2001
    8:00-9:15 a.m.			Plenary Session
    9:15-9:45			Break
    9:45-10:45			Concurrent Sessions
    10:45-11:15			Break
    11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.		Concurrent Sessions
    12:15-1:45			Lunch with Luncheon Speaker
    2:00-3:00			Concurrent Sessions
    3:00-3:30			Break
    3:30-4:30			Concurrent Sessions
    4:30				Break
    Dinner on Your Own
    Shop, dine, and enjoy the quaint charm of State College
    Tuesday, October 16, 2001
    8:00-9:15 a.m.			Plenary Session
    9:15-9:45			Break
    9:45-10:45			Concurrent Sessions
    10:45-11:15			Break
    11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.		Concurrent Sessions
    12:15-1:45			Lunch with Luncheon Speaker
    2:00				Adjourn
    Contact Information
    Web Site:
    For information about the program, please contact:
    Jeri Childers
    Program Chair
    Outreach Office of Program Development
    The Pennsylvania State University
    403 Keller Building
    University Park  PA  16802-1304
    Phone:  814-865-7679
    Fax:  814-865-3589
    For information about the program, please contact:
    Chris Dufour
    Conferences and Institutes
    The Pennsylvania State University
    225The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel
    University Park  PA  16802-7005
    Phone:  814-863-5100
    Fax:  814-863-5190