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RE: Survey comments & questions

From: Lisa Pappas <Lisa.Pappas@sas.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 11:00:12 -0400
To: Yeliz Yesilada <yesilady@cs.man.ac.uk>
CC: "wai-eo-editors@w3.org" <wai-eo-editors@w3.org>
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Hi, Yeliz,

I am sorry -- I meant to write the suggested revision this way:

        Mobile users often turn off sound in public places (trains, hotel
        lobbies) or cannot hear in noisy places (streets, nightclubs).

Does that make sense and is it more clear?

Regarding the capitalization, let's check with Shawn or possibly Michael to see if there is a W3C WAI style standard. At a minimum, a document should be internally consistent, and, ideally -- if it's part of a library -- consistent with its peer documents.


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From: Yeliz Yesilada [mailto:yesilady@cs.man.ac.uk]
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 10:39 AM
To: Lisa Pappas
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Subject: Survey comments & questions

Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much for your comments in the surveyed. I have addressed
most of your comments, however I have a question for the following
two (see YY below):

priority: editor's discretion
location: Perceivable, table, row 3
current wording:
Mobile users often in public places (trains, hotel lobbies) turn off
sound; often in noisy places (streets, nightclubs) can't hear.
suggested revision:
Mobile users often turn off sound in public places (trains, hotel
lobbies) or in noisy places (streets, nightclubs).
reads more clearly, better translation

YY: If I make the suggested change, then that will change the
meaning, but would you be happy if I change it like this: "Mobile
users cannot hear because they turn off sound or  they are in public
places such as train stations and hotel lobbies."

priority: editor's discretion
location: Global, MWBP 1.0 columns
current wording: links are in all caps, not initial caps, as others
(WCAG 1 and 2)
suggested revision: Use initial caps in link text to MWBP 1.0
rationale: Readability, consistency

YY: In the original Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP) document, they
are capitalised and to keep it consistent, I would prefer to keep
them capitalised. Would you mind if we keep them capitalised or would
you like to discuss this at the EO meeting?

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