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UAWG SCs needing attention: 2.1.6 and 3.4.2

From: Richards, Jan <jrichards@ocadu.ca>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 14:43:19 +0000
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SCs 2.1.6 and 3.4.2 appear to be similar enough that they could be combined into 2.1.6:


2.1.6 Navigation Without Side Effects: The user can specify that focus and selection can be moved without causing side effects (further changes in focus, selection or the state of controls) by either the user agent or author content. (Level A)

Intent of Success Criterion 2.1.6 : People do not expect side effects when moving the keyboard focus regardless of whether the side effect is caused by the user agent or author content. If users fail to notice side effects, they could end up doing something disastrous, and this is especially likely for users of assistive technology who cannot see changes happening elsewhere on the screen. Users may also find it confusing or disorienting if the effect causes unexpected focus movement or changes in context. If the user agent does implement side effects to keyboard navigation, it is recommended that it provide a user preference setting to disable them. However, in some cases it may be more appropriate to provide a separate navigation mechanism that avoids side effects, such as allowing the user to hold down the Ctrl key while navigating to avoid changing selection or choice.
Note: It may not be possible for the user agent to detect or prevent side effects implemented by scripts in the content, but the user agent is required to prevent side effects that are under its control.

Examples of Success Criterion 2.1.6: 
- Murray uses a screen enlarger that allows him to see the element with the focus and a small area around it. He explores a dialog box by repeatedly pressing the Tab key to move to, and read, each control in succession, although he has to use the arrow keys to navigate between options in an option group. On this platform moving the focus to an option control automatically chooses that option, making it cumbersome for him because of the need to reset the choice to its original state afterward. Fortunately, the platform also has a convention that holding down the Ctrl key while navigating will move the focus without changing selection or option choice, so Murray uses this while exploring. His Web browser implements its own form controls and navigation mechanisms rather than using the platform's infrastructure, but it also implements this Ctrl-key mechanism for users like Murray.

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