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UAAG 2.0 feedback and questions

From: Henny Swan <hennys@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 12:30:50 +0100
Message-Id: <5DE49192-5761-4C3E-A9AB-5AA1E9001C49@opera.com>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Hi All,

Being new-ish to UAAG 2.0 these are more just clarifications for me  
than in-depth feedback however I thought I'd send them to the list  
anyway at Jim's advice. I'm not sure they are worth adding as comments  
or not but we can go through and see.

Cheers, Henny

= =UAAG 2.0 Feedback / questions ==

1. Add "programmatic access" to the Glossary.

2. Why say "accessibility platform architect" and not "accessibility  
platform interface"?

3. Not all words that are in the Glossary are linked to the Glossary.  
For example "Properties" is in the glossary but is not linked to it.

3. Add "programmatically" to the Glossary.

4. Guideline 3.7 Provide volume configuration.

- Is this just for media players? If so could there be an  
Applicability Note to clarify this?

5. Glossary: Viewports

- I'm assuming that tabs are a viewport or web slices (such as in  
IE8). Should these be added to the examples of what viewports are?

6 Guideline 1.1 Ensure that non-Web-based functionality is accessible.
- Does this mean that if the user agent complies with WCAG Level A, AA  
or AA it is passes this success criteria or just WCAG requirements  
that relate to functionality.

7. Guideline 1.2 Ensure that Web-based functionality is accessible.
- This relates to web apps and online media players? Maybe clarify in  
the Applicability Note.

8 Guideline 1.3 Support accessibility features of technologies.
- Unclear. Does this mean you claim conformance to WCAG??

9. Guideline 1.4.2 Handle Unrendered Technologies:
- Need a better example for me to get it, not sure where saving comes  
into it.

10. Guideline 2.1; Facilitate programmatic access, 2.1.3 Accessible  
Alternative: If a feature is not supported by the accessibility  
architecture(s), provide an equivalent feature that does support the  
accessibility architecture(s). Document the equivalent feature in the  
conformance claim. (Level A)
- Needs more explanation for me to get it

10. 2.1.5 Write Access: If the user can modify the state or value of a  
piece of content through the user interface (e.g., by checking a box  
or editing a text area), the same degree of write access is available  
programmatically. (Level A)
- Isn't this saying the same thing?

Henny Swan
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